By: Kenzie Ali

Every now and then, we tend to get tired of our living room or the color of our bedroom walls, and we suddenly feel like redecorating the entire house. It’s always a hassle, a big mess and pure chaos. Here are some of the things we all face while remodelling our house!

1- So Much Junk!


Getting the room empty to actually start the remodelling is chaotic on its own. You find so much clutter that you’ve forgotten about, so where do those things go? Black bags? Could work. But then…where do you remove those?

2- The Furniture? 


Keeping the furniture clean is probably the most stressful endeavor of this…adventure. You always cover it up, but a part of you remains worried about getting paint on it. Another thing: where do you take the furniture? Because like…the entire house is full of furniture? There isn’t any space? You cover up and cross your fingers.

3- The Smell of Paint! 


It gets suffocating after a while. Especially when it sticks to everything in the room making it smell like paint for a few days after it’s done. Also, don’t sleep the first night in there. Open the windows and air the room out.

4- Childhood Toys!


We all have those everywhere; don’t we? They’re sentimental. You want to keep them, but you don’t want them in your face. They bring back many memories, say some of innocence. But you’re remodelling, time to start fresh. Store those toys away safely.

5- Clothes? Where Do Those Go?


One of the biggest dilemmas. You stuff your clothes into a suitcase and live out of it for God knows how long…until the room is done. It feels like a vacation, except it’s stressful. Unlike a vacation. It’s just…a big mess really. Want a specific shirt to wear? Good luck finding it and digging for it in the endless pit of clothes in the bag. You start to wonder, how on Earth did you manage to stuff all of this in a closet?

6- Mess Up?

What if the color is darker than you expected? What if it looks nothing like you imagined? Gotta start from the beginning, if that’s even possible. If not, then tough luck. Try to enjoy the new color is what I would say.

7- Dealing With El 3omal!


The biggest nightmare of all. Half of the overall effort is exerted on this particular point. You tell them, in details, exactly what you want. No, this color, yes this way. But still, Egyptians tend to get a little…creative when they get inspirational. This definitely applies to the 3omal. They just can’t scratch the itch of adding their own touch. Which totally isn’t something you told them you want.

Good luck, and may the force be with you!