Let’s put aside our political differences. Let’s put aside our disagreements, frictions, conflicts… Let’s have a truce, and show some respect for the souls that had been lost, for the families that had been shattered, for our martyrs, the ones who died in the recent event, and also every other martyr our country has lost. 

Asser Yassin expressed his condolences by posting a picture on his social media accounts while he saluted our troops, and the gesture is going viral…

Quoting from his page:

كل واحد فيكم يصور نفسه ويشير التحية للبواسل..
العالم كله لو اختار التجاهل،احنا عمرنا ما هاننسي
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Asser Yassin: We salute the heroes that sacrifice their lives for our safety. If the world chooses to turn a blind eye, we never will.
Share your salute in their honour.