I have been watching a series lately, that includes all the kinds of drama that you would ever think of. And it hit me really hard, how lots of people in relationships come up with excuses or claims just to get out of a situation, and we believe them just like that. I personally wouldn’t want to be lied to or fooled by anyone, so I’ve dug deeper and here is what I found.

Never believe him/her when they say: 

#1: I will change I promise

I am sorry to disappoint you my friend, but people rarely change for others! Don’t you ever be naive enough and believe that he will stop lying to you or that she will stop being naggy. Even if they swear, cry and even promise you that they will change, be smart enough and understand that no one really changes for anyone on planet earth.

#2: Super Flirty With No Actions

If he/she flirts with you and it has been so long and no action has been taken, then that is a red flag. If they are really interested in you, they would make a move already. But don’t be hanging there for like 2 years and waiting for something to change my dear!

#3: I Never Check Other Girls/Guys Out

Even if your partner is an angel, He/She probably checks other people out. Not because he/she doesn’t love you enough, but because it is quite normal for humans to look at what is sexy and beautiful.

#4: My Phone was in my Drawer/Car/Room

Of course, many of us have their phones misplaced at times, but not everytime our partners call and definitely not every day. If you keep on calling and they keep on coming up with excuses, then babe start worrying.

#5: I Have So Much to Do, I Can’t Go Out

Again, it is totally fine for your partner to be busy with something other than you because you want to be with someone who has a life. But if they are busy just because a new episode of Game of Thrones was up or because they are playing PlayStation with their buddies, then you gotta show them the other side of you. (Only if it happens frequently)

#6: I am Never Jealous

That is a trap, I am telling you! No one in love doesn’t get jealous at all. Maybe they are super understanding and not stupid enough to get jealous of every guy/girl you say hi to. Beware of what ticks them. Because you might get to see a totally different side, other than the on that you know about.

#7: I am Very Open-minded

When your partner claims that they’re open-minded, you gotta start asking questions. Because believe it or not, they might not be as open-minded as they think they are, especially with their partners.

Disclaimer: Not everyone has to be lying when claiming any of the above. However, if your partner keeps on giving such excuses, then you need to start worrying. However, if it is just a one-time thing, then they’re probably telling the truth!