Why did we stop taking road trips to Sokhna? We can’t really use distance as an excuse, because it’s really not that far. We spend way more time driving from one place to another in Cairo because of the constant traffic! The road to Sokhna is empty, peaceful and won’t take that much time! But if that alone doesn’t excite you, you should know that Zino Coffee, a coffee master, recently unveiled its curtains in Porto Sokhna and that is why we should all head out there. 

Last weekend, we took an early road trip to Sokhna to try out the newly opened Zino Coffee. The moment we arrived, a waiter greeted us and showed us to our table and we found the atmosphere to be quiet and the decoration colorful all around. The different vibrant colors of the sofas and the cushions evoke a relaxing “seeing a rainbow on a nice day” sensation! 

The waiter got us coffee-mug shaped menus and upon scanning it, we decided to go the whole nine yards and order a full meal since the menu was prim and full of options. For appetizers, we went with the salads, which were all made out of fresh ingredients and topped with Thousand Island sauce. As we waited for the rest of our order to arrive, we appreciated the sea scenery right in front of us and the breeze surrounding us. As we stared at the movements of the waves and felt the open skies above us, we sipped on coconut mango smoothies and chocolate milkshakes which were refreshing, watering and absolutely delicious. 

The food didn’t take long to arrive and it was in perfect condition. The Alfredo chicken pasta was hot, the sauce creamy and thick, the mushrooms fresh and the chicken well cooked. We also would recommend you the pepperoni pizza. The dough was soft and therefore easy to chew while the crust was a little crispy and in our dictionary, that makes the perfect pizza.

For dessert, we picked the breakfast waffles and the baumkuche; both were crazy scrumptious and did the right job at satisfying our sweet tooth. The servings were all generous and will fill anyone right up leaving no chance for them to get hungry in a little bit! 

The staff were all very attentive, and they didn’t leave our table messy for even a second. They were genuinely conscious of our needs and always had a smile on their faces, so that combined with the food guaranteed that we left with happy bellies and happy souls. 

After we were done being savages with the food, we were unable to move and felt so sleepy and because Zino Coffee’s speciality is, obviously, COFFEE, we decided to try a little bit of that and a little bit of this. They have a plethora of varieties when it comes to coffee, but our favorite was the butter coffee coconut. We ended up ordering a one too many from it, because we needed more than one for the road! 

From the start of the road trip right to the end of it everything was sublime; from the music on the road and reaching the perfect weather and calm ambience of Porto Sokhna to munching on heavenly pizzas and pastas and fueling up with great coffee, visiting Zino Coffee was an experience we most definitely will look forward to trying again!