Are great actors born or made? Well, natural talent is indeed indispensable for actors and actresses to succeed in their careers, but besides their own astonishing gift, talent runs deep in some actors’ and actresses’ families.

Below are 10 stunning actors/actresses who descended from other splendid actors and actresses:

1. Gamila Awad & Mohamed Awad

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Known for her role as Hania in “Ta7t El Saytara”, Gamila Awad inherits her acting talents from her grandfather, comedian Mohamed Awad.

2. Amir Kararah and Shokoukouh

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Amir Kararah is the great grandson of the one and only Shokoukoh.

3. Ahmed Falawkas & Farouk Falawkas

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Ahmed Falwakas is the son of the incredibly hilarious Farouk Falawkas.

4. Samy Sarhan & Shokry Sarhan

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These two amazing actors are brothers.

5. Sherif Salama & Manal Salama

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Sherif Salama is Manal Salama’s baby brother.

6. Omar Metwaly & Mostafa Metwaly

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Omar Metwaly comes from a family of stars. His father is Mostafa Metwaly and his uncle is Adel Emam.

7. Ghada Adel & Shames El-Baroudy

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The mind-blowing Shames El Baroudy is Ghada Adel’s aunt.

8. Sherif Ramzi & Salah Zu El-Fakar

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Sherif Ramzi is the grandson of the phenomenal actor Salah Zu El-Fakar.

9. Ragaa El-Gedawy & Taheya Kareyoka

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Ragaa El-Gedawy’s aunt is the unforgettable artist Taheya Kareyoka.

10. Nahed El Sebaay & Hoda Sultan & Farid Shawky

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Nahed El Sebaay’s grandparents are the marvelous Hoda Sultan & Farid Shawky.