nathan drake, elena fisher, playstation, crash, uncharted 3, video games, 2019

Video gaming has been booming in terms of gadgets, platforms, stories, and very, very expensive production budgets. Let’s not forget that in 2011, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 amounted to a $250 budget.

call of duty, modern warfare 3, Eiffel Tower
“And they couldn’t save the Eiffel Tower…”

Gaming publishers and developers are working to provide us with an endless supply of epic gaming experiences.

In 2019, we are expecting thrilling sequels and fresh new stories with slick gameplay right in the palm of our hands.

nathan drake, elena fisher, playstation, crash, uncharted 3
“Pictured: the death of the fourth wall”

That’s why we are fidgeting with anticipation to have a look at these games when they are released (and on some serious budgeting).

For all the gaming nerds out there, 2019 holds a lot of promising games for all platforms; here are some of them:


1- The Last of Us II

Hope is the key to survival

The Last of Us II, Ellie

THE HYPE IS REAL! The new gruesome entry in the post-apocalyptic world of Last of Us has returned. This time, Ellie is all grown up, and she seems very, very angry with someone.

We surely don’t envy this someone, especially with Joel nowhere around to be seen to help curb her rage.

The Last of Us promises volatile, adaptive gameplay and enemies with AI that will keep you on your toes all the time; following up Ellie, the only known person to be immune to the virus that wiped out the majority of the world’s population.


2- Days Gone

Burning the midnight oil 

days gone, ps4

Zombies, traps, weapons, LOTS AND LOTS of zombies, and bikes! What else needs to be said? Days Gone seems to be promising a world infested with zombies and creative ways to survive the dangers from every corner, and getting creative while doing it. Some even say that it’s to surpass the entertaining gameplay of Dying Light. Speaking of which…


3- Dying Light 2

Good night, good luck

dying light 2

Dying Light was a happy marriage between RPG, open world and first-person survival genres, leading to one of the best survival horror games in the genre. Now, it’s even expected that Techland reset the bar in the second installment in the series, making combat more dynamic and fluid with choices having a deeper and more vivid impact on the world around you in the game.


4- The Division 2

When society falls, we rise

The division 2, tom clancy

Love it or hate it, the Division’s PVP Dark Zone was a very innovative premise. And videogamers seldom argue about it compared to other aspects of the game. That’s why we are happy to know that in the sequel, the Dark Zone will be back, a test to our moral grounds in the game and a monument to the human condition as a place that would interest any social science scholar. Ubisoft declared that the new game will allow for further specialization for your character’s class compared to the first game.


5- Skulls & Bones

Yarrr, matey!

Skulls & Bones

If you liked the premise of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, you should be excited about this one! Skulls & Bones lets you live like a pirate in the wide, open sea. You get to customize your own pirate captain and command your ship for the endless quest of pillaging the treasures of the world.


6- Resident Evil 2 Remake

Winner, winner, you are chicken dinner!

resident evil 2, tyrant, claire redfield, remake, HD
“Pictured: How a day goes from bad to worse…”

Resident Evil is one of the gaming iconic franchises, we can go on about when Chris punched a Boulder in RE:5 or the bad, terrible, cringe dialogue in the first entry in the series that made it some kind of a cult classic.

Now imagine reliving the stories of Resident Evil 2, arguably one of the best entries in the series in terms of narrative and story, in an HD remake, engine overhaul, and a complete improvement in every aspect of the game.

And yes…that even means seeing the Tyrant up close.

Sweet dreams.


7- Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

…or more than twice

sekiro, shadows die twice, souls, bloodborne
“100% chance of a boss fight”

This entry and the next one is catered especially for the Dark Souls and Bloodborne fans. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an ambitious project that merges Feudal Japan elements from Nioh into the bleak, unforgiving settings of Dark Souls’ universe. Giving you the unique melee, dodge, and timed-actions of the world that you surely know that you will die in more than twice.


8- Code Vein

“In the face of certain death, we rise”

Some videogamers on the internet call Code Vein the anime Bloodborne. That doesn’t make it less daunting. The game’s tagline suggests that we may expect the futility exercises by the Souls series.


9- Metro Exodus

Fear the future!

metro, exodus, 2019
“At least there is no rush hour.”

Based on the novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky, the Metro franchise sets you in a post-apocalyptic universe in Russia. The world is radioactive due to nuclear fallout and the entire populace is living underground in the Moscow Metro network.

The series is praised for the immersive gameplay and well-written characters, making it one of the rare linear games that possess a huge replay value.


10- Doom Eternal

Fight like hell!

“A “warm” welcome”

We saved one of the best for last. The 2016 DooM remake was a masterpiece. Though it went through a linear plotline, it was always in motion and didn’t have one dull moment.

From the heavy metal soundtrack of Mick Gordon and the upgrades we are expecting to see for the Doomslayer, we are in for a ride.


What about you? Let us know what you are looking forward to play in 2019.