By: Yara Tarek

We can’t forget our legacy. We have some pretty awesome Egyptian black and white movies that will surely crack you up. We’re here to guide you to the best ones.

The Gorgeous Mothers-in-law (El 7mawat el Fatenat)

Black & White

If you still haven’t seen this one, you just have to download it now. It’s about a young couple who are totally in-love with each other, only their mothers-in-law start causing trouble but in the funniest ways ever.

Husband’s Confessions (E3trafat Zoug)

Black & White

One of the best classics featuring the one who revolutionized comedy in the black and white era, Fouad El Mohandes. The movie is about a married couple who start facing problems when Fouad El Mohandes confesses to kissing his wife’s best friend (Bothyina) in his dream. Sticking to her role as the strict mother-in-law, Mary Mouneeb, tries to make her daughter’s husband suffer for having such a dream.

A Love Rumor

Black & White

Omar El Sherif falls in love with Souad Hosney who’s apparently into playboys. With Omar’s character, the furthest thing from a playboy, he starts lying to live up to the reputation with the help of Yussef Wahby (Souad Hosney’s dad). Only to realize they were getting themselves in deep trouble.

Madam Sugar (Sukar Hanem)

Black & White

Kamal El Shenawy and his best friend Omar El Hariri fall in love with their neighbour’s daughters. The only problem is the girls have a very strict father, who won’t bend easily. So, they decide to ask their other best friend Abd-El Monem Ibrahim to pretend to be a woman called Sukar Hanem and seduce the father.

Wife Number 13 (El Zoga El 13)

Black & White

Shadia gets married to hottie Roshdy Abaza only to find out later that he married 12 women before her. In her attempt not to be just number 13 on the long list, she decides to extend her marriage by not sleeping with him for as long as it takes. She starts performing the most hilarious tricks ever.

Very Crazy Young Men (Shbab Mgnon Gedn)

Black & White

Souad Hosney (Madee7a) is forced to dress-up like a guy to join her brothers’ band. Her new name is Esmat. The club owner’s daughter falls madly in love with Esmat. Her father announces that they will be engaged to please his daughter. Meanwhile, the club owner asks Souad as her true character (Madee7a) to join him in trying to get his wife jealous. With Ahmed Ramzy also starting to fall for her, causing more problems than ever.

The Most Dangerous Man In The World (A5tr Ragol Fel 3alm)

Black & White

Fouad El Mohandes again leaving us with a masterpiece. Mr.X is the  most famous gangster in Chicago. He travels to Egypt in an attempt to resume his activities, but the police is on to him. So, they use the miraculous resemblance between Mr. X and Zaki (An airport employee) in catching Mr. X. The story enfolds in a funny way.

My Wife’s Genie (3freet Meraty)

Black & White

The movie follows the story of a married man whose wife is a movie addict. But not just that, she suffers from a certain psychological disorder that causes her to imitate any female role she sees on screen. Demonstrating the precious scenes that will leave you laughing your heart out.

The Naughtiness (2a5er Sha2awa)

Black & White

The story involves 3 young men who live in one apartment. The events start escalating when Anwar (one of the guys) is introduced to Kohen’s family. Rashail is Kohen’s daughter and manages to make Anwar fall in love with her. Then she starts to blackmail Anwar with her child claiming it’s his. Anwar starts claiming the baby is his friend’s and not his.

These movies were made with simple equipment and scripts, yet they were so amazing. These great actors left our world, but their legacy of making us smile and laugh so hard, still lives on. May they all rest in peace.