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10 Brand Names Egyptians Use as General Terms


Some of the terms we use in our everyday life are not actually terms, they are brand names. Maybe they were the first brand of its kind, maybe they are the only manufacturers producing this product, or maybe because they’re so successful. However, for some reason, we tend to use them as generic terms when referring to their product! 

Below are 10 brand names we use as general terms:

1. Chipsi 

Chips in a bag means Chipsi to us, and that’s it! It doesn’t matter if it’s Doritos, Cheetos or Tiger or whatever; we will refer to all of them as Chipsi!

2. Pampers 

We actually refer to diapers as Pampers; some went to the extend of Egyptianizing the brand name to “Bambarz”! Though there are many other brands, diapers will always be Pampers to us.

3. Jelly Cola 

Any gummy candy, with any flavour, even if it’s is not cola, is called Jelly Cola by Egyptians!

4. Kleenex 

When we ask someone “Do you have Kleenex?” They will hand you a box of tissues without batting an eye! Because tissues are Kleenex for us.

5. Jet Ski

Let me break this one for you, Jet Ski is not a term. It’s the brand name Kawasaki Heavy Industries picked to call the water scooters made by them! So if it is not produced by them, it’s just a personal watercraft, not a Jet Ski!

6. Corn Flakes 

Though Temmy’s is another brand for cereal, and though there are many other companies that produce breakfast cereals, no matter how hard they try it’s all Corn Flakes for us!

7. Tupperware 

That plastic container that moms always brag about how it keeps food from rotting is not necessarily a Tupperware. Tupperware is a brand that got its name from its creator, Earle Silas Tupper!

 8. Jacuzzi 

Jacuzzi is not only a brand of hot tubs and bathtubs; they also make mattresses and toilets. Its first product was a bath with massaging jets. Since then, worldwide, a tub with massaging jets is a Jacuzzi!!

9. Scotch 

Scotch brand might occupy the highest place in the production of tapes, but still a tape is not always a Scotch!

10. Ping Pong 

Well, we saved the best for last. Ping Pong was trademarked in 1901 as a brand of table tennis products named after the sound that the ball makes when it hits the table. So it was always table tennis, and never Ping Pong!

Have you got any more to add to the list? 

  • Mohamed Salah

    You should add Jeep and Vespa