You know your favorite dress that you can’t keep still? Or that so beautiful but so slippery pair of shoes that you just don’t know what to do with? Yeah, we know them too..

1. The Tiny Painful Blister on the Back of Your Foot

Avoid that pest by cutting up the tip of a sanitary pad and placing it on the back of your shoe (stick on the shoe) and protect the back of your ankles.

2. Bra Straps ALWAYS Showing

Pick a large paperclip that could tie your straps together. Criss-cross the straps on your back and hook them with the paperclip.

3. So Pretty But SO Slippery

Your favorite slippery pair of shoes, my what an issue. Fixable though. Use a nail file and file the sole of your shoe then spray it with a little hairspray.

4. Sticky Mascara

When your mascara is just out to get you and all your lashes stick together, dip a different mascara wand into a Vaseline box and twist it around a little bit. Make sure the wand is coated with Vaseline. Curl your lashes with the Vaseline and then add a coat of actual mascara on top.

5. Uneven Eyeliner

Sick of uneven wings? Easy. Cut up the corner of an eraser and stick it on the top a Q tip. Smoothly swipe the Q tip on your eyelid and get the perfect wing.

6. Flat Hair

Want easy, heat-free curls? Put a head band on your hair before going to bed, and twist your hair in and out of the headband until it’s all twisted in, spray on a little water. Keep it twisted overnight and get your easy curls!

7. Messy Nail Polish Remover

Avoid messy cuticles when removing your nail polish, instead of using cotton, place a kitchen sponge inside a jar and fill the jar with acetone. Dip your fingers in and clean.

8. Messy Makeup When You Wake Up

Fill a jar with water, coconut oil and baby soap. Mix it all up and stack the jar with cotton pads. Use the cotton pads to smoothly wipe up last night’s makeup.

9. Annoying Pair of Jeans

When your jeans won’t stretch up for you, you make them stretch. Lay out your jeans and spray them with water lightly until damp. Stretch out the legs and waist and put it on.

10. Dirty White Shoe

Your friends always stepping on your feet and ruining your favorite white sneakers? Dab a cotton ball into some acetone and wipe it all away.

There are so many ways to avoid the little annoying things that just drive us insane. Give some a try and guarantee it won’t happen again!