Finals are back and tight schedules are in the house. You probably haven’t taken a shower for a few days now, and you’re one more alarm away from committing suicide. We know about all the late night studying and panic phone calls right before the final exam. Grab a cup of coffee, put your books aside and allow us to share what 10 graduates had to say about finals!

1.”Don’t over expect or think they’ll be straightforward; prepare for the worst …el zaker zaker“- Ahmed 26

2.”It’s not the end of the world; don’t get all nervous! Everything passes”- Hadeel 24

3.”Make sure you sit next to your nerdy friends; It’s all about that”- Ramy 27

4.”If you just divide your time fairly between going out and focusing, finals would be less tense”- Wafaa 24

5.”Be friends with all the teacher’s assistants, they usually know which part you should focus on. With a flower on Valentine’s day or a Snickers bar on a random Tuesday, you will have the exam all to yourself”- Barakat 25

6.” Snacks…you think I’m kidding? Pay Metro or koshk 3am Ahmed a visit and buy yourself all the tempting chocolate and treats…All aside mama’s sandwiches!”- Reem 30

7.”If you go out a lot during finals week, you’ll be less stressed yet more efficient to get it all done in less amount of time. Have fun”- Sherif 26

8.”Choose a spot other than home, then choose a close companion, the one and only partner in crime, and go there every day to study”- Farida 24

9.”Ana etgwezt w 2a3adt fel beit. Finals’ stress was not worth the hassle for me”- Dina 34

10.”Colorful stationary…to refresh that memory”- Habiba 23


We hope these affirmations encourage you to loosen up, and may be go on a stress-free time out. If by any means, you’re someone who shared your advice and it included “Barshem”, know that we do not approve of your strategy my friend, unless it’s a code red emergency! Go nail those -A -Grades!