Before we go about and tell you stories of lost loves, let’s first explore what the term “the one who got away” means. The term is used to describe that one person you couldn’t hold on to. Some people meet the right person, and then life or circumstances get in the way and f*cks the whole thing up. It’s definitely not that hot girl you met at a party once and never spoke to! The one who got away is not just some regular girl you were attracted to. She was a girl whom you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, but she got away and has haunted you ever since. She was the only girl that ever felt like the “one” or close to being the one. We asked 10 Egyptian guys about the girl in their life that they wish they had done things differently with and this is what we got. 

1- “I dated a girl for three years and was friends with her for five years before that. We broke up because both of us were going through many changes in our lives and we couldn’t adapt. Two years later, she’s now married to my best friend and I’m still in love with her and still consider her to be the love of my life. Obviously, no one knows that I do, not even her.”

2- “There was this girl during my college days, on whom most of us used to crush on! I started talking to her, but never confessed my feelings. She got engaged and I don’t know why but I decided to tell her how I feel then and much to my shock, it was mutual. Even though she did not call off the engagement, we started going out together and spending time with each other for months. I then had to let her go in December as she was set to get married in the beginning of January. Now, she’s happily married and has a son! And I’m really happy for her.”

3- “It’s your typical story. Boy falls in love with girl. Girl falls in love with boy, and just when we were about to do something about it, girl moves to another country.”

4- “I’ve never been the kind of person who wears their heart on their sleeve, and it has affected the only chance I had at finding real love. I was in love with my best friend. I’m sure she was too, but I was too scared to get attached to her and ruin our friendship, so I pushed her away. I hurt her in more ways than you could possibly imagine, that she walked away and never looked back. I lost both the love of my life and my best friend on the same day.”

5- “Can she still be the one who got away if I never told her how I feel? I was in love with a girl for six years but never had the courage to admit my feelings. She was always going from boyfriend to boyfriend and was almost never single. I thought about telling her how I feel once when she had just broken up with someone, but I didn’t want her to think of me as a rebound like she did with all of her exes. I think it was one of those times in life when things are just not meant to be. I’m in a relationship with someone else now whom I love very much, but I also know that I will never stop thinking what if.”

6- “She really got away. I dated my best friend from high school for four years, and it was everything I could ever dream of. One year ago though, she died in a car crash. I don’t think I’ll ever get over her loss.”

7- “I met her when I had just gotten out of a relationship that broke my heart. I wasn’t looking for anything serious and neither was she. She was supposed to be my rebound, but the fact that we agreed there won’t be any strings attached made our communication easy. We had so much fun together and I always felt like I could talk to her about anything. I fell in love with her and as I realised that she had become my best friend, she got a job offer in a different country and took it.”

8- “I met a girl on a trip to Barcelona. We spent the best 2 weeks of my life together. It felt like it was going to last forever, and I wanted it to. But then we came back to Egypt and she changed a lot. She started getting pissed off for the most ridiculous reasons and became easily irritated at everything and anything I did. Eventually, I had to let her go! But even though I was the one who ended it, it felt more like she was the one who got away because I kept thinking I must have done something to mess it up.”

9- “One time I was at a party and a friend introduced me to a girl. We started talking and got along great and we exchanged numbers. It became a daily habit that we talk for hours before we sleep and we got to know each other better than I had gotten to know anyone else. Three months later, I found out that she has a boyfriend who was only away for the summer and now that summer’s over, my role was done. I know she is not exactly what you call nice, but I still find myself thinking about her sometimes.”

10- “I wouldn’t exactly dub her as the “one that got away” but she did leave. We met in Sahel then went out, used to talk for hours on Skype, then we fell in love for four years. After we broke up, I decided to go to Europe to win her back while she was on a trip there, and that’s when I found out that she’s a ruthless heartless cold witch. I have been having the time of my life ever since. The end.”

And now we’re left with all the feels.