It’s always a nice “oh” moment when you learn about how two stars are actually cousins, in-laws or even siblings, isn’t it? Lately, we’ve stumbled across one high-profile relatives situation and we thought we’d share with you guys some others you might not know about!

Arwa Gouda- Safaa Abou El Seoud

We don’t know about you guys, but we were definitely shocked about those two. Veteran singer Safaa Abou El Seoud is actually Arwa Gouda’s aunt. ALSO, Safaa and Arwa’s mother are twins!

Leila Fadda- Khaled Fadda

Remember the girl with the guitar in El Brens? Her name’s Leila Fadda and she’s the daughter of famous celebrity photographer Khaled Fadda.

Marehan Magdy- Rouby

This was so unexpected. Like, did you guys know that Marehan Magdy from Abou El Arousa is actually Rouby’s sister? WHAT?

Dalia Moustafa- Nahed Roshdy

Since we’re all binge-watching “Lan A’esh Fe Gelbab Abi” now, here’s a cool trivia. So, you know Saneya or Nahed Roshdy? She’s actually Dalia Moustafa’s aunt. It makes sense though since they’re both so cute and always keeping a low-profile.

Yassin- Angham

We got a first look at this young man last year in Zay El Shams. Now, he makes his own Tik Tok videos and he’s basically a celebrity already. It might also interest you to know he’s the son of Angham’s late sister, Ghenwa.

Shockers, right? Tell us in the comments if you know of more celebrity relatives!