1- Draw a Venn Diagram.

Drawing a Venn diagram is a fantastic way to come across as smart. Grab your marker, pace around the room and impress them on the board. It doesn’t matter if your diagram isn’t accurate; most Egyptians don’t even get it and will only focus on how big the circles are. Now, you can slink back to your chair and play Candy Crush.


2-Be Prepared

If you’re not sure what the meeting’s about, ask a colleague and get yourself ready to make a valuable contribution regardless how small. Don’t ever leave a meeting without having done so. Going over the material several times will give you the confidence to speak out. Some meetings are informative in nature fa msh lazm tehot el touch beta3ak while others are more interactive so go ahead and knock them dead!.


3-Boast some math skills which are not even there to begin with!! .

Rephrase someone else’s words to prove that you’re on the same wavelength. For example if someone says “we’ll sell 50% of our products by then” you say Bos ba2a “that means that we’ll have 5 out of 10 of the market share. And make sure to use the word “Strategy” at one point, it’s always indicative of how deep and smart you are!


4-“Guys Guys Wait a minute“

Grab everyone’s attention by shouting out “sanya wahda”. This way, you will turn heads and shush the whole room while you get hold of the microphone! “What are we really trying to reach/achieve?” You might also reiterate an earlier statement by someone else saying, “Let me just recap on what Mr. Ali just said….” Or you can ask “Does this scale?” Nobody really understands what that means and it always drives engineers crazy. Now that’s another moment of glory.


5-Nod Nod Nod

Nodding is one of the powerful body language tools you can capitalize on .It reflects interest and strong interpersonal skills. You may also point to the speaker and say confidently “That’s a very good idea!”


6-Respect Different Views

“La2 ana msh mowaf2ak ala el enta bet2olo enta ezay betfakar kda!? “ Tolerate others’ point of views and learn to oppose opinions in a positive non condescending demeanor. For instance, “you know I might l be better if we just focused on…” would do the job rather than condemning and attacking your colleague. Different people can have very contrasting views so listen, respond and do not debate.


7-Take Accurate Minutes of Meetings.

Important points will only be mentioned once, you will always need to rely on your notes later. Taking minutes of meeting will make you look professional too.


8-Don’t Blame Others

“Ana malesh da3wa da howa walahy”


9-Never Hide your Fun Personality at Work

People will remember and admire you for being friendly and witty. The “Give them el wesh al khashab w etanek shwia w homa hayehtermok “theory has been proven wrong over and over again.


10-Build a Reputation

Work hard to build a solid reputation at work and earn the respect of your colleagues, managers and clients. Trust yourself, and others will do the same.