For those who think that missing out on the Eid vacation means they won’t be able to enjoy the rest of the summer, they’re totally wrong. Summertime is just kicking off, particularly with the long weekend coming up. Summer is synonymous of the beach; since no one wants to waste time wondering what to pack for the beach, Identity’s put up a list for its readers. From towels to snacks, you’ll find it all here:

1-Sunscreen/Tanning oil

Whether it’s sunscreen or a tanning oil, it needs to have an SPF of minimum 15 to protect you from the harmful sun rays. You don’t want to end up looking like a tomato either.

sun burnt


2-Baby Powder

Surprisingly, baby powder gets the sticky sand off your arms and legs. It’s particularly useful when it’s time to ride the car back home.




Sunnies are fashion must-haves; they also protect your eyes and the skin around them from the sun. It’s advisable to take them off while you’re tanning to avoid funny tan lines.



Luckily, hats are so in this summer. Invest in a good hat that flatters you and at the same time protects your hair from the sun.


5-Cards, tawla and/or racket

It’s essential to take games for entertainment if you’re going to the beach in groups. Cards might be a little annoying if it’s windy; better have a plan B just in case.

backgammon on the beach

6-I-pod, camera and a book

These should always accompany you to the beach. Even if you’re going with friends, you might still need them in case you want to chill for some time. Bring a water proof camera to capture some memorable photos in the sea or under it too.

book and i pod

7-Portable Charger

Pack your ‘charged’ portable charger to make sure that your devices won’t run out of batteries.



This should definitely top your list, but surprisingly some people still forget to take it.



Pack a large bottle of water. The combination of the sun and the sea dehydrates you making you feel thirsty all the time.

bottle of water


Prepare a healthy one; you can take a banana, some nuts, or even a bag of popcorn. Fortunately for us, the Freska and the Gandofli vendors are always pacing up and down the beach.