This is our list of the best family-friendly movies you can find out there. We’ve got comedy, teen drama, chick flicks and thrillers. So, rest assured, your whole gang will be well entertained and laughing the night off; all while staying safe at home.

Harry Potter

Hey guys, can you think of a better time to throw a Harry Potter marathon with your family? We’ll wait!

Ella Enchanted

Yes, this quarantine lasted long enough for us to remember this absolute gem. It’s dreamy, funny and above all it makes us witness Anne Hathaway’s singing/dancing skills!

Bridget Jones

Whenever you’re feeling down and want to watch a light movie to cheer you up, don’t think twice and watch one of the Bridget Jones movies!

Fool’s Gold

Do you guys remember Hollywood’s golden era when Kate Hudson used to make movies with Matthew McConaughey? Fool’s Gold was the epitome of that.

Letters To Juliet

How about flying off to Italy to learn about the secret helper of the most iconic Shakespeare’s Juliet? If you haven’t seen this movie, you should do now.

The Princess Diaries

Another Anne Hathaway film series we just love is The Princess Diaries trilogy. Nothing parallels the fun of a good makeover scene, right?

Freaky Friday

Having trouble with your parents during quarantine? Make them watch this movie where Lindsay Lohan switches lives with her controlling mom!


We’re so glad this Adam Sandler and Salma Hayek’s movie comes in two parts because one is simply not enough. An old gang of school friends visiting their hometown with their families is a blast from the past!

Hunger Games

In the mood for a good apocalyptic movie? How about a whole series of survival themes only? Not to mention, the multiple storylines of star-crossed lovers too.


You don’t have to be a fan of comic books to love the Avengers movies. Like seriously, who would say no to Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Thor repeatedly saving the earth?

There you go, our list of 10 movies we resort to whenever we’re a little out of sorts, enjoy!