With the foul smell of feseekh comes the need to escape the stink, detach from urbanization and human clusters and plan a trip out of the capital.ย Its the way to go. It is time to take advantage of the break and go somewhere new. All the whilst, giving internal tourism a big push. Here are 10 getaways for spring break in Egypt:

1- Luxor & Aswan


Post Grand Hotel syndrome! It reminded us of what we are missing out in our own country. A mixture of history and scenery all bundled up with the friendliest hosts in the world.

2- Fayoum


Not photoshopped. This is Magic Lake in Fayoum. The water reflects everything because of its purity. From sand boarding to eating meals cooked on wood fire to roaming around in the greenery, Fayoum is the place to go.

3- Wahat El Bahareya


The descendants of ancient Bedouin tribes preserved it. It is like entering a blast from the past.

4- Siwa


Its crystal clear waters are going to make you want to jump in at any time of the day. That alone is worth every hour spent getting there.

5- Dahab


Enjoying your cup of coffee with this view is what life’s about. Diving is a must once you’re in Dahab!

6- Black and White Desert


No, that’s not snow, it is sand! One of the most rare phenomena in the world. Be one of the few to have a memory of what it is like to see and touch white sand.

7- Nuweiba


Back to the primitive lifestyle and 3eshet el basata. The sole reason is to disconnect from the world and have nothing but a mountain behind you and aย beach in front of you. You haven’t had the full Nuweiba experience if you don’t visit Castle Zaman, a castle built within the mountain.

8- Marsa Alam


The famous Naizak and tree of life are why you would go to Marsa Alam. It is where you can actually see where an astroid has once hit our grounds.

9- Sahl Hasheesh

To pamper yourself and feel like royalty. Forget about Hurghada, Sahl Hasheesh is ‘it’!

10- Soma Bay


Yet another luxurious destination, to sooth the soul and mind.

Enjoy your feseekh somewhere new!