Guys can sometimes do very stupid things, it happens. The best part though, is when they try to make up or do something really romantic. Ten girls shared with us the most romantic thing a guy ever did for them.

1. “A guy I used to date wrote and composed a song for me, and it was only like our fifth date or something.”

2. “My fiance hates catcalling and any kind of harassment. When a guy bothers or even looks at me, he always stands up for me.”

3. “My husband once surprised me by bringing me flowers when he came home from work. It’s very unusual for him so that’s why it was pretty romantic.”

4. My husband surprised me with a trip abroad. I’ve wanted to travel for so long so it was very romantic when he remembered out of the blue.”

5. “There was this restaurant I really wanted to try and I’ve casually mentioned it before. Months later when I had even forgotten all about it, he surprised me by taking me there for our date.”

6. “My husband does the laundry and loads dishwasher while I sleep. I think it’s very romantic.”

7. “My fiance lets me try make-up and nail polish on his hands if I don’t have any more room on mine. I just have to wipe them straight away.”

8. “He never watches TV series or movies without me. He always waits until we can catch up on them together.”

9. “When my boyfriend and I had just started dating, he had to travel abroad for work. He came back a week earlier than scheduled and said the reason he came back early was because he missed me too much.”

10. “My boyfriend surprised me at the airport with flowers and balloons when I came back from Europe. I thought it was a very romantic thing to do.”

Damn, we’re jealous. Guys can be really romantic when they want to be and they have great ideas to boot!