Let’s face it, we’re Egyptians. We’re all suffering from stress and sleep deprivation, something which has turned us into the forgetful zombies we are today. You know that side of you that is always forgetful, says or does stupid things, and you have absolutely no control over? Well, that my friend is called brain fatigue. So, in honour of our absurd brain fatigue moments, here’s a list of the most hilarious ones you’ve probably been through.

  1. You forgot what you came in for!

You just walk into a room and find yourself completely blank about why you ever came here in the first place.

  1. Where’s my phone?!

Is what you said while actually talking on the phone to your other brain fatigued friend, who’s helping you look for it!

  1. You forgot your travel bag and it got locked in!

A travel bag is big, right?! So, it should be something we don’t miss as we get up and scan our hotel room one last time before checking out. However, our brain fatigue has other ideas. How many times have we forgotten obvious non-forgettable items in a room, a vehicle, a place, and they got locked in?! Well, sleep-over is ruined!

  1. Misplaced car keys… in the car!

You’ve gotten into the car, it’s night time. And instead of inserting the keys right into the ignition, you misplace them while looking for something in your bag or glove compartment. Now you’re making a frantic search, only to find them an hour later under the passenger seat.

  1. Wait, did I or didn’t I tell you this story before? Oh hang on, actually it was you who told me this story before?! WHA!?

You meet too many people, talk to too many people, and conversations have become a big munch in your head. It’s sad, but still never seizes to amaze.

  1. “insert random slur”

You blurted out a weird unintended slur while solving math problems with your tutor. There was nothing on the sheet or in the problem you were working on slightly even related to the slur! You have zero recollection of what had happened for you to blurt that phrase out!

  1. Made a fatal, unintentional work mistake

That booking that somehow never got documented, that mistake on the front page of the paper, that slip during a major presentation, mispronouncing a name, that deadline you had zero clue about but somehow existed. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

  1. Called the wrong person and got right into business!

You’ve just received a work email that needed feedback. You decide to call the person and give some hard-core criticism. You’re a good minute into the call before the person on the other end of the line decides to point out that you might be talking to the wrong person. They had the same name, so their number on the contact list was right above that of the person you intended to call.

  1. Waited for the pedestrian lights to turn green, the cars were not moving… in Egypt!

People who travel abroad then come back will relate. As a good little citizen walking on the pavement, in downtown, Cairo, Egypt; when you near the street you stop, eyes fixed on the pedestrian lights. Brain fatigue is so high you fail to register that the cars weren’t moving. Every driver is staring at you! As usual the traffic lights for the cars were working but not for pedestrians.

  1. Ummm…. What were we saying originally?!

This is usually the end of most conversations which start somewhere between a greeting and a question, go through the phase of interactive, interesting conversation, and end with a somewhat off topic, awkward discussion.

So, if you suffer from brain fatigue, don’t feel ashamed. Laugh it off and know we’ve all been there. These brain fatigue incidents actually make excellent stories. 😉