Effehat el aflam

Every group of friends has this one person who knows nothing about effehat el aflam. This person always feels left out every time the group breaks out laughing at an “effeh“!

For the sake of this friendship, you need to get educated a bit. Start off by following this list of movies and get ready to be an effehat expert.

#1: El Nazer

This is the top movie for effehet el aflam. One can’t possibly watch this movie without crying out of laughter. You just can never be a pro in effehat el aflam without memorizing this movie!

#2: El Basha Telmiz

Bassiouny Bassiouny, Hazem Hazem‘ never really gets old, even when you hear it for the millionth time. The combination of actors in this movie is just a killer.

#3: Ga2ana El Bayan El Taly

Mohamed Henedi and Hanan Tork made the best comedy duo in this amazing movie. I doubt that you don’t hear your friends saying ‘Habby new year ya 3am ‘Saeed‘ every single year.

#4: Ghaby Menno Feeh

Ya3ni enta law ma3ak taba2 koshary‘ never gets old. It suits every situation and is always the right fit to explain what you want to say!

#5: Ramadan Mabrouk Abou el 3alamen Hammoudah

We all love Mohamed Henedi and most of his movies, but this one is literally the bomb. You can’t keep a straight face for more than 2 minutes because you will crack up laughing all the time. And the best part was ‘wana lama aheb anadeek a2olak eh? Ya Galaaaal‘.

#6: Zarf Tarek

Ahmed Helmy can’t be in a movie without us laughing our hearts out. From ‘seebi el mosalas fe halo‘ to ‘ersh el cappuccino‘ and a lot more. Remember to take notes!

#7: Yana Ya Khalty

Disguising as a woman just to win over his girlfriend’s mother is what he did throughout this whole movie. So imagine how funny it gets when his dad hits on him while disguised as a woman!

#8: El Lemby

Mohamed Saad is known for this character. Even though he might seem so dumb, he’s funny dumb with a comical accent. You can always use his effehat when referring to your naturally high friend.

#9: Foul el Sin El 3azim

Yeah, Mohamed Henedi is the king of effehat. You know when you’ve just met a cute girl and start acting all goofy?! ‘Mohieeeee‘ is always a reference.

#10: X Large

Ma2akaltesh roz‘ is what ALL Egyptians think of whether in Ramadan or when we’re on a diet.

#11: La Tarago3 Wala Esteslam

Hazal2oum is now used as a reference all the time. His stupidity, his terminology, the way he talks and his accent are just what makes it even funnier. ‘Anhoon, aywa ya3ni anheen‘.

#12: Se3eedi fl Gam3a el Amrekeya

Even though this movie is a bit old but it is still used A LOT because of how good it is as a reference. Especially when your goofy friend is dancing ‘bargos ya Khalaf bargos‘.