We’re compiling a list of the world’s 10 most overrated phenomena in 2014. Here is No.1. *DRUM ROLLLLSSSS*

The Selfie Stick

After waiting for 10 DAYS! Here is what we’ve all been waiting for. NUMBER 1…



The trend of 2014, THE SELFIE STICK..

I bet every single person i know has a picture on Instagram or Facebook using a selfie stick.

Sometimes, people use it as a tripod -He’s not getting a picture of himself, he’s capturing the person in front of him-.WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?? Hold your phone, take the picture, save it. You don’t need this stick. Thank you.

You walk into a place, you find a bunch of people gathered in one spot, at first you think there is a fight, or someone passed out, BUT you figure out they are posing and smiling and a guy in the middle holding proudly this looooong stick.

On the other hand, there are some breathtaking pictures taken with this new invention.

Dubai Daredevil Selfie  untitled1

It’s now very familiar to find a picture with that stick in every wedding, party, gathering, meetings etc… IT’S A MUST !