Traveling is supposed to be an enjoyable vacation with some friends and you get to relax and enjoy the new scenery; assuming you’re traveling with the right crowd. You could be having a vacation in heaven, and it all gets ruined by this annoying person who ruins everything for everyone. Here are the types of people you should NEVER have with you when you travel.


1-The one who asks too many questions

“Where are we going? When will we reach? What is this place? What are we eating? What are we doing? Who are you? Who am I?”


Just stop it already!

2-The one who keeps complaining

“Why did we pick Dahab not Gouna? Gouna would’ve been better! I don’t like this place. The beds are uncomfortable. I want to go home!”

Trust me, we want you to go home too.

3-The one who’s always talking

“Look at the sea, it’s so blue! Remember the guy I told you about before, he has a girlfriend now. She’s ugly. Remember when…”

Shut up and enjoy the beach, for crying out loud!!!!

4-The one who’s drunk all the time

“I’m not drunk, I’m just tipsy!”


I understand vacations are to be fun and having a few drinks won’t hurt anyone, but I don’t want to be around a blacked out person who just threw up on everyone and I have to carry back to the hotel – at 10 am!

5-The one who wants us all together, all the time

“I don’t want to go to the pool, I want to go to the beach. WE ALL MUST GO TO THE BEACH!”

You’re a strong, independent person. Go to the beach and let me go to the pool! It’s a win/win situation and we’ll all have fun. We’re not a herd!!

6-The one with too much historical information

“Did you know that the Alamin war was basically in Marina and 34095834958 people died on this beach?”

Thank you for bursting my bubble…

7-The one who thinks he’s a “philosopher”

“Acid makes you closer to your own soul, you know who you really are when you’re tripping!”


No, you’re just a junkie!

8-The one who can’t swim, but still gets in the water

“Don’t go in there, I can’t swim. Don’t swim and leave me here alone! Let me get on your shoulder and swim with me.”

If you can’t swim, don’t get in the water; simple as that. Don’t ruin it for everyone else.

9-The one who’s always on the phone

“ALO? HAHA!” *Takes selfies*


You could’ve just stayed at home with your phone.

10-The one who keeps talking to his parents

“Aywa ya mama, ana kwyes. Haro7 el ba7r w hatshataf ba3d keda”

Yes, it’s important to call your parents and let them know you’re okay, but not every 5 minutes!