Sundays are hard. We get it; you’re dragging yourself in from the weekend and back to the desk where you will be trapped for another long, dim work week. It’s rough. But before you bury yourself in your morning coffee and sorrow, take a peek at these heartwarming snapshots of our wonderful Oum el Doniya. They will be the light at the end of the tunnel that you need to remember; Thursday is coming, and #everydayegypt is beautiful. Happy Sunday ya gama3a!


Yeah, that’s pretty much breathtaking.

  Mmmmmm, the hustle and bustle that makes the capital alive.    


Wow, we don’t even look that good from that angle!  

  It’s hard to beat that view.      


Well that’s a contagious smile!

  That’s a view we know and love!  

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We know we were supposed to encourage you through the work week, but wouldn’t we rather be fishing?

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  It’s hard to choose between Alexandria pictures, but those colours though!  


Hey, can we run away to this place?

  Or we can stay here….  


Honestly, it was really difficult to just choose ten. We didn’t even get the pyramids in there! If you feel like you need a little more of a pick-me-up, check out #everydayegypt on Instagram. We’re sure you’re boss won’t mind…