Let’s start by explaining to non-Nomads what the word ‘NOMAD’ actually means!
So a Nomad is a person who has no fixed home and probably will never likely settle for one. He’s a person with a continuous urge for traveling, exploring and jumping straight into adventures. But that’s actually not the literal meaning of the word.

It initially translates into ‘Badawi’ and here comes the point. “Badawi” people used to roam from one place to another tracing food and water for the sake of survival!

So a NOMAD is always wandering, never settling and always has one of a kind stories to tell and cool pictures to share.

So we’re here taking you through brief stories of some NOMADS who took the nomadic essence to new edges!

1- Manar AL Sharkawi in BALI

Being straight forward to the point as ever she said: ‘I came……….I Saw……….I conquered’

And well, with such a picture, we can all agree that she did!


2- Tarek Hussein in the PHILIPPINES

Who said Disney was wrong when they said that TARAZAN does exist?



3- Heba Darwish in heaven (aka SWITZERLAND)

Here comes Heba, following the great path of Sherif Fayed and taking a walk in a Windows’s desktop background, leaving us weeping over the dull streets we have to walk through every day.



4- Hisham El-Seiofy in BALI (yes, Bali strikes again)

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the best picture of them all?

With this angle, quality and flawless reflection; the mirror shouted: HISHAM


5- Samuel Jacob in Brazil

Samuel actually stuck to the literal meaning of ‘taking it to new EDGES’ and hiked his way up to find an edge and took some suicidal risk for the sake of an adrenaline-rush kind of photo.

He added: ‘The love of life will keep you hanging’



      Beautiful places, huh? BELOVED EGYPT had its share as well!


6- Dina Sorour in LUXOR

Dina slaying her walk through aisles of history!


7- Seif Ismail in… wait for it: HURGHADA

You never knew such a place even existed in Egypt, huh?

Neither did we, until Seif –thanks to him- introduced us to this.



8- Ahmed Ehab Shama in NORWAY

We wish you guys get confused as much as we did the first moment we set our eyes on Ahmed’s picture and didn’t understand why would the sky be on the ground!



9- Sara Abobakr in JORDAN

You know all of those times you were warned that if you keep waiting for people to join you, you’ll wait forever?

Probably Sara has listened to this advice and decided NOT TO WAIT and hiked all her way up on her own, and it seems like she did not regret it!


9- Ahmed Hayman in NEPAL

While many honeymooners head to the Maldives & Bali for their special trip, Hayman and his wife chose to go miles beyond the ordinary and head to one of the most adventurous places a Nomad can explore.

And what was the result of this? One wild honeymoon; full of hiking, activities and traditional costumes photo sessions!



With all those breathtaking pictures, wild destinations and immense urge to explore, we guess that in 10-15 years’ time, when you ask a child what they would like to be when they grow up…. The typical answer of a doctor, engineer and a policeman, would probably be changed to a NOMAD!