Your work colleagues are practically family, however, the fact that you spend half of your day every day with the same people can sometimes make things get a little edgy. In general, it’s easier to let people hate you than love you. In a working environment, it’s always a piece of cake to let the whole office detest you!

  1. Be the one who’s always on the phone


Speak as loud as you possibly can. Let the whole office know that So3ad broke up with Med7at; keep saying “fe3lan? Msh ma32ol” every 30 seconds.

  1. Be the one who chatters all the time

Unlike the phone people, constantly chat with your co-workers. Brag about your adventures from last night and how cool you are. Make sure no one is actually interested in anything you’re saying.

  1. Be the one who’s always complaining

This is particularly frustrating when you’re assigned the least number of tasks at the office. Keep complaining about your non-existing work load, and dwell on how the boss is “fa7tak sho3’l.”

  1. Be the one who’s always smoking


Smoke in closed areas as much as possible, and keep talking about your rights as a smoker. This might make fellow smokers like you though, but non-smokers will hate you with a passion!

  1. Be the one who does nothing


Don’t do anything. Let your co-workers work their butts off while you just sit there. Watch them is silence and annoy everyone that’s working by doing absolutely nothing.

  1. Be the one who’s always singing


Play terrible music and sing along with it. Hit high notes like a drowning goat! Bonus points: Dance when you’re singing too.

  1. Be the one who’s always objecting

Object to any and everything without providing any alternatives; you’ll be missing the whole point if you suggest anything else. Just object!

  1. Be the one who turns colleagues against each other


Cause unnecessary drama between everyone at the office. Turn them against your boss. Let everyone despise and hate each other. Just remember, don’t get yourself directly involved in anything. Just watch the world burn!

  1. Be the one who’s the best at everything

Tell them how great you are! Show off about your previous work experience. Make sure you let everyone know how overqualified you are for this position. Even though you’ve downgraded yourself and agreed to work with these peasants, you’re still way better than them. LET THEM KNOW!

  1. Be the one who makes fun of others’ failures


We all screw up at work, big deal, or not! Why let it slide when you can keep mentioning it, years later, and make people feel bad?


If you have any of these qualities in you, chances are your co-workers can’t stand you. They can’t wait for the day you get fired or even die.

Remember, most people hate going to work and would rather stare at their feet at home than be there. So don’t make things worse for others; don’t be the person you hate at work!