Have you ever tried to have a normal conversation with an Egyptian? As if it is not tricky enough to maintain an ordinary ongoing chat, there has to be a turn somewhere. In our case, it’s just hilarious and brings out so much laughter as we manage to twist some very ‘correct’ words into very inappropriate ones, like:



This word commonly meant “take” before some sleazy Egyptian mind turned it into an inappropriate sexual connotation implying that someone is on the ‘receiving’ end of sexual intercourse.


2. Teddy

Typically, it means “give”, but then again the twist has changed this word into a sexual supposition suggesting that someone is on the ‘giving’ end of sexual intercourse .

3. Terkab

Terkab normally means “ride”, but the twist of turning regular words into inappropriate sexual implications just goes on. Here, the term hints that partners are on top of each while having sex.

4. 3ayz

3ayz usually means “want”, but the list of the sexual suppositions just goes on and on. In this case, it implies that someone desires sex.

5. Efta7

This would normally mean “open”, but the Egyptian twist has turned it into another sexual supposition, which refers to sexually arousing someone.

6. El-beta3

It normally refers to “thing”, but not here in Egypt. We even sometimes twist the twisted word like “beta3k” which would normally mean “your thing”, but here it refers to a certain male private bodypart.

7. Khorm

It is known that khorm means “hole”, but we, Egyptians, certainly twisted it to refer to a private female bodypart.

8. Bied:

This word means “eggs”. Not only have we turned it into a swear word, we also managed to create some extractions out of it, like “dah 3ayel omelette”.


9. 7amra

Originally, 7amra is the “colour red”. In Egypt, when someone tells you 7amra they mean your behind is RED!!



10. Fash5

Fash5 means ‘tearing something apart”, but here it has plenty of uses, for example:

“enta wa7eshni fash5”, in this case, fash5 means “so much”.

“ana mafshoo5”, in that case fash5, would mean “totally swamped”.



Despite all those twists, having a conversation with a twisted dirty-minded Egyptian will still make you laugh your heart out.