Some people get really nervous when they are first introduced to someone, they even don’t know how to open up a conversation!! It’s going to be fun, don’t worry and stay calm. Take the lead, be confident and start SHOOOOTING some questions!

1-When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Are they living an ordinary life where routine takes over their life and they forget to do something new every once in a while?! Whether they do or don’t, let’s open up the possibility of sharing a new experience together for the first time.


2-What makes you smile?

Maybe they get contented with  “Small things”; gifts, food, and sometimes a handmade letter or even a kind gesture. On the other hand, other people enjoy some quality time with their beloved ones.

2 choose

3-Which countries have you ever been to?

You’ll get to know stories about countries from their own perspective and you’ll get to know which country they wish to visit. Maybe, both of you end up dreaming about the same place, who knows?!


4-What calms you down most?

Yes, because trust me you want to know how you will get to ease their inner monster.


5- What are the top five priorities in your life?

Of course you want to know what matters the most to them. Is it family, friends, career, or a certain passion?!


6- Why did you breakup with your first girl/boyfriend?

You’ll get to know what annoys them in a relationship. You’ve got to see how they talk about them because you might be in their shoes one day.


7- What’s one thing you’ll never do again?

You’ll get to know the things they regret doing!! “edeeny”


8-If you would only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Let us open the fooood conversation creatively. The chat that never ends. Wel mahshy wel salata wel brockley wel forma. Maybe you can ask them what they order when they go to a restaurant. Do they order the same thing each time or they like trying new stuff?!  (You’ll get to know if they are risk takers)


9- What’s the first thing you do when you open your eyes?

Telephone, bathroom, Facebook, Twitter, religious rituals, sleep again, coffee… It says a lot.


10-What has the upper hand when it comes to decisions ‘your head or your heart’?

Are they wise enough to think with their minds or obsessive enough to think with their hearts?! Al so2al elly yakhtalf aleih el gamei3.