Ever wanted to know what it’s like to ride on one of these amazing bikes? Egypt Motorcycle School isn’t just a school that teaches you how to ride on a bike, there’s more to it than that.

1-You’ll get to meet a great bunch of  new bikers.
When I talked with the owner, Ahmed Omran, who’s been a biker since he was 10 years old, he mentioned how he hated routine jobs and wanted to start a community. His goal was to change their reputation and promote safety and improve their riding conditions. So when you go there, you’ll find a positive mood all over, and great company. You’ll find people from all walks of life, and some even dropping by just to say hello and have a cup of coffee with the rest.


2-They have a “Real biker dude program”

They can help you plan everything, whether it’s a weekend ride, or traveling with your bike. They start from scratch and they never leave you until you’re a professional rider. They’ll introduce you to motorcycles and riding basics, tricks, skills, and they’ll leave you as a “Top Egypt Biker”.


3-Why are they super helpful?
They won’t leave you until you’re a “professional dude”.  They’ll help you with everything, including customisation of you bike.


4-The place is fully equipped and beautifully decorated with accessories.
You’ll find bike related- gallery including  miniature bike toys. Even the cushions have a bike pattern on them.

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5-They Care about your safety.
They offer their riders full protection gear (Helmets, jackets, gloves, etc…). Driving safe is their motto, and that’s the first thing they teach. This includes one-on-one sessions from the instructors talking about their experiences and giving advice.


6- It’s all about freedom!
“For me it’s always Freedom” -Omran. That was the answer I got when I asked about how he feels about bike riding. He then showed me the tattoo on his hands “Ride Till you die”. I then asked where was the furthest place he went with a bike, and he said “South Sinai. I do this trip once a year”.


7-The instructors are awesome.
“Bossy leb3eed ya Haya” said Bashandy when he was instructing me. He kept saying “Beraha ashan msh lazem alem ashla2ek!” That’s what I call a man with a sense of humor!
– I was amazed by Shaheen, the youngest instructor in town. He had a unique biking style and was very encouraging. “Enty amalty 6 wara ba3d, you can do it!” I insist that he should have studied arts. He makes amazing drawings and graffiti’s on bikes.
–  “Lazem teshraby haga” Because you’ll never visit EMS without getting to know this friendly dude Who won’t leave you until you have a drink or makes you a coffee. Haytham the biker with crazy photographs.
“Enty hatlefy mel da2ery wala eh” said Omran, one of the best bikers in town! I’m always amazed with how professional he is. This man is passionate about what he does and he’s giving it all he has.

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8- Tips for new riders.
Omran shared some tips with new riders.
–  You must know that motorcycles are dangerous, because you’re riding in a jungle!
-Be aware of everything around you.
-Don’t take risks.
– Wearing protection gear is a must, even if you’re riding in a neighbourhood.


9They made a collaboration with BMW.
They made an 8 hour event for bike owners, sponsored by BMW called ‘Road Safety Training’ program. The event had 3 German instructors too.

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10-It’s the only organized place that offers motorcycle training in Egypt.
And they’re planning on making it bigger.