If you are running around like a headless chicken, between work, errands and your children? A bride to be and do not want to waste your time getting ready for every visit or every outing? A stay at home mommy with a million things on your schedule? If you are one of the above (and we all are) this is for you. Today, InShape Clinic has got your back! Their professionals understand our needs and requirements, and for this they offer top notch laser hair removal services. If your still trying to decide where to get your sessions; we advise InShape Clinic; and here is why:

1-State-of-the-art machinery

At InShape Clinic, you can expect to see the highest quality, state of the art equipment. For laser hair removal, The Candela GentleLase Pro Laser is used to permanently remove hair regardless of follicle depth. It is one of the fastest lasers with a high repetition rate for each pulse. The result is almost instantaneous and the treatment is effective for the removal of even ingrown hairs. The great thing about InShape Clinic is
that they have respect for equipment lifetimes. All euipment in the clinic are properly maintained and are always as good as new. With cutting edge technology and speed, the outcome of the treatment is consistently at optimal levels each session. The sessions range between 6-8 sessions, are spaced out around 8 months with a maximum time of 40 minutes per session.
2-Doctors are there on site

Typically, at hair removal clinics, hair is removed by a technician and not a trained professional. There is high risk that the technician could be harming your skin with their technique. But at InShape Clinic, the equipment are operated by professional dermatologists guaranteeing the best there is to offer. They will handle the hair removal process in an organized and secure manner. No more fears!

3-Convenience: you never have to worry about where to go again
There are 10 branches all over Egypt! They are literally everywhere from Cairo, to Giza, to Alex! So just in case you’re not in the area, you can still get your hair removal done with the same quality of service as the InShape Clinic close to home.

4- Elegance and hygiene
InShape Clinic is particularly spotless and that’s why they are the safest option. InShape Clinic isn’t like most clinics; it’s a top notch luxury environment. With the sophisticated waiting area, the comfortable seating, the cool lighting and the entertainment varieties you get while waiting, you’ll feel like a celebrity every visit. You’ll pamper yourself and get the royalty treatment that you deserve. It’s like getting your hair removed at a 5 star hotel!
5- Dermatology is their priority
Most clinics have little concern for your skin or how it’s going to be once the treatment is done. But at InShape Clinic, their team is composed of dermatologists that actively care about the overall health and look of the skin. They are fully capable of seeing any signs of counter reactions and remedying them as soon as possible.
6- No waiting in line!

Your appointment is one call away! All you have to do is pick up the phone and give them a ring! Their call center will book your appointment at any time you find suitable. This means you never have to worry about waiting in line. You will be taken care of as soon as you show up to your appointed time.
7- Value for quality
You’re definitely getting your money’s worth for the service you’re getting in return! You get what you give and receive soft, supple skin every single time.

8- A multitude of services
InShape is not specialised merely in hair removal. Their 10 branches specialize in:

Cosmetics which include:

Liposculpture, Tummy tucks, Breast lifts, Botox, Fillers, and Face Lifting techniques such as the Threads

Nutrition which includes:
Online dieting for a web based diet program. Regular dieting for a specific diet regimen tailored especially for you. As well as a bunch of body reshaping devices.

Dental which includes:

Veneers and lumineers, teeth whitening and polishing, orthodontics as well as Digital Smile Designs, in which they basically give a customized new smile tooth by tooth.

Skin care which includes

Fractional lasers, PRPs, Mesotherapy, and a whole bunch of peeling solutions to match every skin type. The list goes on, but to find out more information about other services, or ask questions contact InShape Clinic through their hotline 16322, or browse their FB page Facebook/inshapeclinicegypt


9- Friendly staff
Their staff is pretty welcoming, from the front desk to the dermatologists. You’ll never get those pre-hair removal jitters when you arrive, because their staff are there to make you feel at home. There will be no awkwardness or inconvenience, just comfort and ease.

Because who wouldn’t want to be sipping on limitless amounts of coffee?‫


It’s almost too good to be true! But InShape Clinic is definitely the top choice for all women!