#1. Social interaction needs 

As we generally give too much weight to how well we rate socially, we always believe we have the potential to improve our social performance. When something goes wrong within our social network or when we don’t leave the impressions we desire, we quickly resort to OUR ONLINE “MANAGED” SOCIAL LIFE HERO to save the day.

#2. I’m the cool guy

Let’s make things more clear here. Many of us have recently become a bit schizophrenic, if we socially embarrass ourselves, for example, we would quickly react by posting something that would make us seem like the “cool guys” we wish to be .

#3. A famous user :

“Are you that girl who’s really famous on Twitter, you look a lot like her?” In the past, people used to have to work so hard to get acknowledged for their work, books or INVENTIONS .

Now, YOU and ME can become famous by simply blogging on free internet platforms?

Well, that’s pretty awesome!!

#4.Instrgram and I’m hotter than kardashian

Social media accounts project a much hotter version of you. If you don’t like your shape, you can just take a picture of your face wearing a cute facial expression. If you’re pale, Instgram can make  you look radiant. If people think you’re boring, take selfies putting on weird faces and they might think you’re fun.

#5. Immediate feedback and a wider social network 

Keeping constant track of your likes, messages, follows, shares, add-s, or any other form of interacting with what you post …is the worst kind of social media addiction. You get too excited with notifications, alerts, or positive feedback about something you posted earlier!

Yeah, that’s why you’re literally going nuts!

#6.Social media keeps you updated

Social networks allow you to be constantly updated with news about your friends, family, politics and the latest gossip.

#7.Easy access to everything 

Social media allows you to access anything with just one click.

You don’t have to wonder about contacting people, shopping or even ordering food. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

#8.Means of “Tazbeet”

“If it’s not really easy for you to get the girl out there, then get in there.” Text messaging gives you more space to talk to the girl of your dreams; you’re more comfortable communicating in private,

It also gives you the chance to think more about what you have to say.

#9.The famous “stalking”

Life on social media is pretty share-able. You let everyone in on what you’re doing, what you’re having for dinner, and your fights with your friends.

Following people’s lives can be quite entertaining . You know what they do for a living, what they think of certain situations..etc …

#10.Discovering Someone’s personality through their posts 

A spiritual person always shares positive posts about great life experiences; a person who’s too socially aware, usually shares aggressive posts blaming  people around them; an intellectual/deep person posts content that most people don’t even understand.

It’s real fun to get to know what people really think through their posts .

Written by Menna Essam