We hear nothing but constant complaints about Egypt’s deteriorating conditions, and the young generation dreaming about leaving the country without them actually taking a step forward. At this point, there is a drag force, even stronger than gravity, that’s always pulling you in Egypt. So here are the drag forces keeping you home:

1- Airline Tickets

Nowadays, the cost of airline tickets alone is probably equivalent to your accommodation expenses and pocket money combined. You probably need to save every penny you earn just to buy a plane ticket.

2- Visa Clearance Has Become a Nuisance

After accomplishing the airline ticket fiasco, comes the hassle of attaining a visa. Since you’re luckily an Arab, you will be jumping through hoops just to get a visa to any country in the world. So to help you with that nearly impossible task, here’s a list of countries that don’t actually require an entry visa for Egyptians. Take note.

3- Nationalism All Over

Citizens of the world have forgotten that they’re all humans; nationalities seem to play an even more important role now. You will most probably be facing some kind of racism in whichever country you choose to escape to. It’s inevitable, and it goes for the saying ‘El tele3 min daro, et2al me2daro’.

4- Job Hunting

Unless you’re an Ahmed Zuweil, you stand zero chance to make it to the list of candidates shortlisted for a job interview. The struggle is real.

5- Currency Instability 

The country’s economic instability couldn’t even be predicted nor comprehended by economists, leading us to be stuck here with no alternatives. Everything is ridiculously expensive; your savings plan is going down the drain.

6- Fear

Fear of leaving the familiar and dealing with change is the one thing that actually keeps you grounded here. Embarking on change isn’t an easy task, especially in a new country where you feel no sense of belonging.

7- Gad3ana

The brighter side, gad3ana isn’t found anywhere but here. Everyone is willing to help you whether you’ve asked for their help or not. Abroad, ‘kol wahed f halo’. If anything happens to you, you’re on your own… TOTALLY and COMPLETELY.

8- Family and Friends

They are your soft spot which makes you contemplate a million time before taking the decision to elope. Longing for the Friday lunches and going out midweek to literally do nothing with your friends isn’t an option anywhere else.

9- Wanting to Make a Difference

Change is coming gradually in Egypt. It may be a bit tough at times, but we’re getting there. Hoping to make a difference in your field, you tend to have a sense of foreseeing a better life for the future generations because of what you’re doing to help your country.

10- Homesickness

This is the fear of missing out on events, places, and everything about home. You can’t seem to let go.

You can’t seem to leave it, but can’t live in it either. The issue is problematic. Try counting your Egyptian blessings; it will make leaving your homeland seem worthless altogether 🙂