1.Ultra Comfortable

All Croc shoes are uniquely designed and manufactured using proprietary closed-cell resin, Croslite™, a technology that creates a cushiony foundation for the food that they’re embracing. Crocs are so dainty and comfortable that you will barely even realize you’re wearing a shoe.

2.Super Lightweight

They are hardly there! I’m talking light as a feather and as soft as one, too! Most styles are less than 6 oz.! Talk about light on your feet.

3.Colorful & Fun

I’m talking blue, yellow, orange, light pink, hot pink, red, white, black, teal, navy, mint green, purple, brown, gold, gray, and even camo. To style them up, you can even add little Jibbitz to personalize them to your liking! Please tell me what other shoe brand gives you that option?

4.Ideal for Rain and Shine!

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You can wear them on the beach, in the rain, splash in mud puddles and get them as dirty as you want. There’s no shoe out there that’s easier to clean off than a Croc an no shoe that looks awesome in so many occasions!

5.For All Family

Crocs have been proven to be an excellent brand of footwear for literally everyone.  From toddlers crocs to kids crocs to seniors crocs, Men and women, these shoes tend to be an excellent way to take a load off your feet.

6.Air ventilation ports keep your feet cool

Nothing is worse than throwing on a pair of shoes in the morning in preparation for your long endless day of running around. By time evening hits and you go to take off your shoes and socks, your feet may be a tad sweaty and smelly. No one enjoys smelly feet. No one. Crocs are specially designed with air vents throughout the shoes to give your feet the breathing room they deserve.

7.Suitable for every occasion

People used to think of Crocs as gardening shoes, but did you know that Crocs have about 400 styles that are suitable for almost every occasion! They have formal shoes, leather shoes, wedges, heels, flip flops, and so many styles all with Crocs signature comfort!

8.Easy to put on & Take off

getting in or out of a Croc pair is a breeze! There are no straps, no buckles, no laces to tie. You simply insert your feet into your Crocs and you’re out the door!

9.Resistant to bacteria and odor

Croslite material is also microbial, so Crocs are resistant to the bacteria that cause foot odor.

10.One of a kind!

Like them or not, no one can deny that a pair of Crocs will stand out among any other shoes! They look absolutely unique and beautiful. So go to the nearest Crocs outlet, pick out your new bffs, and rock them!