There are so many different series out there to cater to every taste. Bye bye waiting for your favourite series to be aired…The best thing about the internet is you can now watch them in one go anytime after its aired; how cool is that?! The following is a list of series you wouldn’t want to miss:


10- The Vampire Diaries

To all of you love birds, wanna get a taste of how immortal love can be? You do know that vampires live forever, right?

With this gift comes the great burden of choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with and preventing them from living a normal life.


9-Baby Daddy

This is by far one of my most favourite sitcoms; whoever came up with that plot is a genius. Who could’ve thought that a baby can be raised by not one or two but three playboys…..curious about what happens next?




Okay now we talk serious business, enough with the laughs and giggles… when I say Suits, I mean business, Harvey and Mike.

Suits is basically about a top lawfirm handeling important cases. Harvey Specter is the most prominent attorney in town, but things aren’t always as smooth as he would like them to be.



7- The Flash

Nerd Alert! Seriously who hasn’t heard of The Flash? If you haven’t yet, Flash is the fastest human being on earth! Well, he’s not the only one with super powers; apparently super powers don’t really boost your love life.



6-The Originals

They are definitely the reason why we have ”The Vampire Diaries”, as the “Originals'” cast were the first vampires ever reported on earth.

Being an original vampire can be quite intimidating because you’re basically the strongest creature on earth and your enemies are growing larger by the second. Imagine if one of them wanted to have a ‘normal’ life and a family, how would that turn out?!




The superheroes section is not over yet in this article; Arrow is one of the rising superheroes of this era. He is well known for his good looks and affluence….. the guy basically owns a club.




 The series is about two brothers on the road fighting creatures, we never knew existed, and losing their family in the process. All they have left is their ability to save the world. Would any of us do the same if we were in their shoes? Learn about Greek mythology at its finest with ‘Supernatural’!



3- Two and a Half Men

Who wouldn’t fancy some light comedy with a little Ashton Kutcher twist in it? If you aren’t already familiar with the plot of this show, it’s basically about two brothers who are complete opposites yet their unique bond forces them to stay close together despite their differences….we’ve all been there, right?



2- How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson….. of course I had to mention the world’s most famous womanizer! Are you too lame when it comes to girls? Read Barney’s book or better yet watch his series!…Believe me it’s well worth it.



1- Game Of Thrones

It’s my absolute favourite and should be yours too. From the plot, the cast to the sick and psychedelic twists, all in all, I’m not exaggerating to say it’s the best series ever created…….if you haven’t watched it yet (that shouldn’t be an option) just DO IT!


THAT’S it for my top 10 series although there are so many more I could’t find enough space to fit them all in this article. Bing Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, The Simpsons and Family Guy to name a few…

  • Shameless

    Harvey’s last name is Specter not Stinson. This list is full of pg rated crap ( GOT aside ) and most of them are pretty much made for pmsing teens. Suits is great tho, but 2&1/2 men & HIMYM lost their charm many seasons ago. The rest is not even worth mentioning.