In movies, the bad guys wear dark cloaks, have evil laughs and destructive powers. Even in non sci-fi movies, you can spot them through their malicious and harmful behaviours. Unfortunately, things aren’t that obvious in real life. Toxic people can’t be identified on the spot. It takes some time for their venom to get into your system and only when you start to collapse, you will understand what’s really going on. 

Here are some signs that a venom has been injected into you, and you’re dating a toxic person: 

Symptom #1 You feel relieved when they are nice to you 

Since their bad moods is your nightmare, their good days are like Christmas morning to you. You feel like you’re on top of the world only to fall on your face when the mood passes!

Symptom #2 They convince you that you’re the crazy one 

They have a masters degree in manipulation, and they majored in Acting in college, so they twist everything and make you feel like you’re the problem. The brilliant part is that you tend to believe it.

Symptom #3 They embarrass you and belittle you in front of others

Everyone loves a good joke, and making fun of each other is a normal behaviour we all do. But overusing this to the point of embarrassing someone, repeatedly, that’s a red flag.

Symptom #4 They treat everything like it’s an attack

Arguing with them? Oh no, no, how dare you! You’ll hear the police sirens as if the house is on fire, and they’ll get enraged!

Symptom #5 They get uncomfortable with your success

Simply put, a toxic person feeds on you while you’re weak, that’s what gives them power, so you getting successful contradicts with their diet!

Symptom #6 They don’t let you spend time with other people

Yep, ‘let’ you! At first they will express how they want to spend more time with you, until you stop seeing your friends or anyone else on the universe without even realising it. Their venom is killing you.

Symptom #7 They always get their way 

You don’t want to fight; you don’t have the energy for it. So you let them have their way. All the time.

Symptom #8 They say mean things, then say they’re only ‘joking’ when you call them on it.

They hurt you with their words so many times and when you stand up for yourself, they will say that you can’t take a joke, with a shake of their heads.

Symptom #9 You always run out of words in fights so they claim they are ‘right’ then

Told you, masters degree in manipulation!

Symptom #10 They show you their utmost love when you’re feeling your lowest 

Because they like you more when you’re weak. Things are safer for them that way.

The last symptom is how relieved and relaxed you will feel when you get them out of your life, because they were literally sucking the life out of you. Maybe they can’t help their toxicity, and that’s simply the way they are. But sometimes you must learn to love what’s healthy for you, and keep away from what can kill you.