Do you repetitively have to face situations where you feel that the universe is plotting against you? I mean you always say it’s bad luck, but bad luck doesn’t really last a long time. Deep down you know this is not just some random bad luck.. THIS IS SOMETHING BIGGER.

Here are some signs you’re na7s:

1- Always Late

No matter how early you wake up, you still make it late to your appointment. It’s either bad traffic or you can’t find a taxi. Trust me; even if you planned to head two hours early, you would probably still not make it.

2- Bad Birthdays

Some people never really have good birthdays; something bad always manages to happen. Even if it’s planned, your birthday just won’t go well.

3- Planning An Outing Or a Trip

No matter how hard you try to plan for an outing or a trip somewhere, things always happen to ruin that plan. A family member suddenly gets sick or you simply become indispensable at work!

4- Ruining Big Events

Before any big event, like a wedding or a birthday, something odd has to pop up in your face. A huge pimple, for instance, and it will show up in the weirdest yet most obvious places EVER!
Sad-Crying-Meme-Face-185- Last Minute Surprises

Since you face a lot of situations where you just feel really na7s, sometimes you plan for something and it goes so well that you start to doubt it. You just sit there waiting for el ma2lab! AND it actually happens! “I saw it coming people; I saw it coming.”

6- Money Issues

You always have cash problems when you desperately need to buy something but when you don’t really need anything, you’re the cash king!

7- Food Incidents

Food always tends to spill on your new shirt or dress! And it stains…

8- Birds Always Choose You

Out of all people, birds always choose you to bless you with their crap!

9- Downloading Issues

Your download usually stops in the last minute or worse… SECOND!

10- Cravings Taste Terrible

That moment when you’ve been craving something for a really long time and when you FINALLY get to try it, it tastes terrible!

Girl with chocolate
Girl with chocolate