Traffic lights are meant to put everything in order, when to stop and when to move. But that damn orange colour in the middle is only there to confuse us, just like how we feel when we break up with someone. Should we move on? Should we stay? The red signs that encourage us to stay are many, but there are also green signs, signs that scream girl, you should move on already, so let’s count them down…

Sign #1 You No Longer Stalk Him On Social Media

Let’s start with the most obvious. If the urge to check on his doings, who he is seeing and all the things you can learn through his Instagram stories, Snapchat or whatever; if this killing urge is gone, hallelujah girl, you’re over him.

Sign #2 You’re Not Planning How to get back Together 

Another obvious sign. If your mind is clear from the plots of getting him back and if you fired the General in you who puts war strategies to make him fall back in love with you, you can proudly announce you’re starting a new chapter in your life.

Sign #3 Songs On The Radio Don’t Remind You of Him 

When you’re not over someone, everything will remind you of him, or something you used to do together. And there are no worse reminders than songs, so if Ed Sheeran’s songs played on the radio didn’t stir any memories, he is in your past.

Sign #4 You’re Hanging On With Mutual Friends

One of the worse things about breakups is that we can sometime lose mutual friends with our ex, because you don’t want to run into him with them, because you know they will take his side…etc If all these things don’t bother you anymore, then you have moved on.

Sign #5 He Is No Longer A Topic of Discussion 

When his name is not mentioned on the table during your girls night in, or during those deep conversation with your best gal, this absence is the proof that he is gone from your heart.

Sign #6 You’re Not Trying To Make Him Feel Jealous 

We are all guilty of this one. Even if you’re the one who has ended things, the urge to make your ex feel jealous, to make him regret losing you is always there. You express that through your outings, the way you dress, your actions…When you quit these behaviours, then you’re good to go.

Sign #7 You Don’t Care If He Has Moved On or Not 

“Is he thinking of me like I am thinking of him?”, “Do you think he is as sad as I am right now?” “Is he having trouble dating someone else like I do?” As soon as those questions vanish, he will too from your heart.

Sign #8 You Rarely Ever Think of Him

Out of sight, out of mind? Scratch that. It’s out of mind, out of heart.

Sign #9 You’re Feeling A Spark of Attraction 

When you no longer feeling guilty about thinking of someone else, when all the attraction bells inside you start to ring again for someone new, these sparks are your green light to move on.

Sign #10 You Recognise Why The Relationship Has Failed 

Now that you’re not blinded by love, you can see the error of your relationship. Why it has all fallen apart. Why the walls of your love didn’t hold. When you can see that clearly, when you’re not biased by love anymore, then you are no longer in love.

So, keep an eye for these signs, they can walk us through a hard breakup.