Flirtation, exchanging numbers, texting, opening up, planning a first date… these are all things that spice up the ‘tazbit’ process and make it run smoothly. But what about the things that can ruin the process w kolo yelbs fl 7it?

Below are the 10 things that might spoil your ‘tazbit’ process:

1. When you’re both shy

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.02.17 AM

That one is devastating, because it might not even give the relationship a chance. Hi, bye!

2. When you have a best friend whom everyone considers your boyfriend…


When a guy and a girl are buddies, sometimes people take them for a couple. This might make the person who likes you step back, thinking you’re already taken! What a shame!

3. When too many friends get in the pictures…

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 11.41.06 PM

This process should be between two people. When too many noses start getting in the picture, things can get confusing.

4. When your gals start the analytical studios…


Your friends want you to be happy, but unfortunately sometimes their words might set your expectations too high that everything that will happen might seem disappointing to you.

5. When you take flirty for friendly…


Over thinking might makes you misread the signs the other person is sending you and think he/she is just being nice and friendly.

6. When one side plays hard to get…


Really? Aren’t we past this era?

7. When you start avoiding each other out of nervousness…


8. When you don’t act yourself…


9. When one side overdoes confidence…


Are you Ryan Gosling? No? So, don’t do that.

10. When you lack self confidence so you don’t take any step further then the other person thinks you don’t like him/her….

lack self confidence