“I am not going to wear this shirt ever, it brings bad luck.”
“I won’t go to matches with him again, he is a jinx.”
“Don’t step in with your left foot or you will cast an evil spell on the house.”
Jinx or bad luck, the invisible enemy, the one we can hold by the shirt and hit it in the nose. So what do we do about that? We see its shadow in things around us and we avoid them! The funny part is there is a wide common belief that this really works.

Below are 10 things we, Egyptians, consider jinxes:

1. Opening & closing a pair of scissors

There is a superstition that opening and closing a pair scissors brings misery. No, mom just said that for you not to cut your hands, kiddo.

2. Don’t leave the shoe upside down


I bet some other mom also didn’t think it was a pretty sight, so she invented this myth. Mothers!

3. The black cat is an evil spirit

Da fih racism with cats too! I bet white cats have the purest soul, don’t they?

4. “3enha medawara w me2awara”

La2, heya shaklala keda bas.

5. Number 13

 And when it is Friday the 13th kaman, yanhar eswed!

6. The Crows

They sound awful, I give you that.

7. Ana 3eny el Shemal Betrf

Tab w el yemin terf 3ady? Tamam.

8. Looking into a broken mirror means you will die soon

La2, it just means you need to go and fix it 3and beta3 el mirrors.

9. Owls

Well, if owls ever hear how we discriminate them, we will know the true meaning of bad luck.

10. A rat in the house means someone envies you

La2 da araf msh ar!

Got any to add to the list?