Being the minority always has its downfalls, and sadly we, female football fans, are a minority worldwide! But it doesn’t matter, girls, someone else’s judgement or misconceptions won’t change our love for the game! But since its the World Cup, and supposedly funny posts from guys are circulating all over social media, we can’t hold our tongues any longer…

For the guys out there, here are 10 things female football fans want you to know…

1. Stop Asking Us Why Do We love Football! 

That’s not a common question you ask your fellow male football fan! You know why he loves football, guess what? We too love it for the same reasons!

2. Stop Getting Shocked That We Do Get The Game! 

Getting surprised or even impressed that we can predict the next move, or what play they will run, or simply know more about the team or the sport as a whole, is not a compliment!

3. Yes! We Do Know What an Offside Is

The amount of sexism in one post!

4. We Do Hate Fake Female Football Fans Too! 

True, some girls do it to impress their guys! Some just want to go with the flow; we do hate them too!

5. Stop Stereotyping Us! 

The struggle you go through to categorize female fans is unreal! You crack your heads to know if we are ‘tomboys’, ‘fakers’, ‘fangirls’. It’s funny how none of these stereotypes have anything to do with actually liking the sport!

6. Snack Duty Is Not Our Job!

This one is mainly for older people! We love to serve you water, and snacks… but just as you won’t dare ask a guy to get up during the match to get you something, stop assuming that since we are girls we are fine with missing parts of the match for you!!!

7. Quit The Dumbed-down Talk

My dear boy, dumbing the sport of football down because you don’t believe we really know what’s going on is simply stupid.

8. Loving Football Doesn’t Go Against Being Feminine 

Just as you can yell at the TV or at the players, coaches or refs, and still manage to be a gentleman in your daily life, we can also do the same. Football makes us lose it, just like you.

9. Enough With The Quizzes 

Seriously stop challenging us to test our knowledge on the sport, the players, or the championships! And when we answer every question you ask and are not clueless like you probably imagined, please don’t be surprised!

10. Non Female Football Fans Need To Stop Gawking At Us 

We get it’s not common for some bizarre reasons for us to care so much, but the crazy looks and the confused faces are not gonna make us love the game any less. At least support us, ladies, for trying to be a woman in a man’s world!

Shout out to all the female football fans out there! Don’t give a hoot about other people’s judgments and enjoy the beautiful game!