Written by : Ahmed Wassef

1- First DAY with grandma!

The first Fitaar with grandma is something special. Who don’t like their food? They’ve the secrets of tasty food, moreover their love!


2- El Dek El Romiii season

Wherever you go! In every “3zooma” you find the Turkey in the center of the table.


3- Why Not SEAFOOD!

I wander, why I rarely find seafood in Ramadan?! Seafood is the best.


4- El Akl lazim kolo yekhls! OK

You must have heard this “Kolo ya gama3a el akl kolo yekhls!”. Of course everyone have been starving the whole day, they will eat the food and they might eat you, yourself .. no worries.


5- Doses of: tea-konafa-tea-atayef

Every 30 min there is a TEA-Break. This is Egypt. After fitaar, people would ask for tea with konafa, then tea with katayef or beclava … so on


6- The “Amar Eldin” mystery

Some sort of drinks I don’t know why it ever exists, it deceives you and pretend being mango, until you try it out and you find it is something sugary, doesn’t taste anything!



7- Who’s fit for TARAWEEH?

It is all about intention and fitness. The big spiritual “Tarawee7”: Taraweeh prayer, needs earlier planning, the more delicious the food, the more you eat, and then the less possibility you would go for Salaat Al-Tarawee7.


8- Stay until sohoor time!

Because you’re not meeting everyday, the family would stay together almost after mid-night, which is time for “sohoor”.

Family bonds is higher than any rules here. Something special about Ramadan again. REALLY! Ramadan Kareem.


9- KIDS!

We all know, kids wake up by fitaar time to find their seat over the table, and maybe performing some art with sauces on our clothes.


10- Forget your Diet .. and enjoy

Usually I would say “Every 3zoma is a day-FREE”, because this is happiness … Just break the rules .. Ramadan Kareem ya 3m.