Gadwal El Darb
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The second season of the new Egyptian TV series ‘Naseeby w Esmetak’ is currently airing on CBC channel. It tackles social issues, mostly related to women. However, out of all the stories presented to the audience in the previous episodes, a very specific one stood out.

The ‘Gadwal El Darb’ story is INCREDIBLY relatable to a huge percentage of women, especially Egyptian women for that matter. Which is probably why so many Facebook posts have gone viral for the past few days discussing how important it is.

The story revolves around an optimistic ambitious woman who loves poetry. The odds made her fall in love with a poet whom she thought was a good man. She defied every obstacle on the way to marry him. But obviously, the ‘love story’ took a very twisted dark turn!

Here are 10 things that we should learn from those specific episodes, and why this particular story should be taken seriously: 

1# “I have a BAD feeling about him”

How many times have you heard this? It may sound cliche, but one should always listen to their mom! No matter what, moms always know best. Never take a mother’s instinct for granted, especially if she has a bad feeling or is getting bad vibes from a certain person.

2# “What is TIME, really?”

Take your time, and take it again. Everything is ahead of you, and you have to believe that if you’re destined to have something, love someone, live a certain life or have a certain career; you will do so no matter what. There is ABSOLUTELY no need to rush anything, not even a relationship.

3# “Think Twice, or a MILLION Times!”

There’s nothing wrong with thinking a million times, especially when it comes to a life partner. At this point, you’re basically someone whose life is about to change, BIG TIME. It does not make any sense for you to take it lightly or be lazy about rethinking your decisions.

4# “Every little detail matters”

Everything about your relationship is VERY important; especially if you consider it serious. The person you’re ‘supposedly’ in love and are willing to continue the rest of your life with, is not always the same one you met the first time, so the smallest details matter.

5# “Who are YOU?”

Know your worth, make your own decisions and never take yourself for granted because if you do, he will too. It’s easy to forget one’s self in an intense relationship. Never let that happen and never give up on your dreams for anyone, because they make you who you are!

6# “Differences”

Some say opposites attract, and others believe that differences are what make a strong relationship. Well, it’s not always butterflies. Mostly, it’s just an endless cycle of trying to find a middle ground, so never underestimate that!

7# “Family comes FIRST”

It’s totally normal if a relationship distracts you a bit from your family. However, just know that if you’re approaching something serious, your family should ALWAYS be a huge part of it. So distancing yourself from them is not an option, especially if you’re not THE one making that decision for whatever reason!

8#  “The Circle”

Friends are just SO important, especially when it comes to relationships. They are your backbone, your strength and the ones you go to whenever it gets too hard-and trust us-it will. So never let them go!

9# “If he did it once, he’ll do it again”

Stop making excuses! It’s true that love is blind and not everything that is wrong will seem as clear to you as it is to everyone else. Whether it’s emotional or physical abuse, love is supposed to feel magical, not painful. And if that is the case then just QUIT; because if he did it once, he WILL do it again!

10# “It is NEVER too late!”

It may seem hard. Actually, it’ll ALWAYS be hard, but it’s not impossible. Never think it’s too late to quit something or someone that means the world to you if he’s slowly taking the life out of you. Some prefer to stick to the pain just because they think they’re in too deep, this is just NOT true.

Although most girls do hear these tips almost every day, a lot of them still fall in the same trap-if not worse-Which is why we could not stop ourselves from trying to at least raise awareness about these serious relationship issues since we have the platform to do so, and we hope all of you agree with us!