Throughout its #اخترت_صحتي campaign, Nestle Egypt has posted a number of short workout tip videos. Most of them were only a couple of minutes long, so we figured they couldn’t be that hard or actually make a big difference in our exercise routine. Boy, were we wrong! There are more than 15 drills in the four videos that Nestle Egypt has posted on its Facebook, and here are ten thoughts that went through our heads as we sweated through the routines.

1. The trainers look so calm, that must be a good sign

Each video starts out with trainers Donia and Youssef explaining the upcoming workout; they are so calm about it, it makes us feel like whatever is coming up next must not be that bad.

2. A foot work drill? Cool, this will be a walk in the park

One of the first videos features a foot work drill. Ha! That’s probably just code for dancing around a little, this will be so easy! Starting out slow enough….

3. Whoa, hang on. Why is she jumping so fast?

Who knew toe touches could take so much energy?

4. Okay, cool. Squats are next. We know how to do those, but how does she make them look so easy?

It’s like she doesn’t even feel the burn! And now she’s jumping too?! Holy cow, we have to pick up our game!

5. Crazy muscle burn aside, their advice is actually really helpful.

We have all been guilty of cheating on our squats and planks, so to have someone remind and show us how a proper one is done is really helpful.

6. Our core is really going to hate us tomorrow! (But then love us later when our abs look awesome!)

Nestle Egypt’s core workout video has 4 workouts targeting your core, including squats to press’s, “up up down down’s,” side planks and supermans.

7. We might not make it through this….

How do they just keep going?! We’re dying here!

8. Is this plank walk a real thing, or did they just make it up?!

This “high intensity interval” video is intense!

9. As much as this is killing us, it actually is making us feel accomplished!

And to think we thought about just watching the videos from our couch… We can do this! Almost done! Hold that plank!

10. Wow! We need to work out more often

There’s one thing for sure, Nestle Egypt’s videos showed us we need to be more active. We guess going through these videos again tomorrow wouldn’t be so bad, and we probably would be glad we did later on.

All of Nestle Egypt’s workout videos can be found on their Facebook page.