This summer Paradise Juice brings you the experience of working out with a view, so you don’t have to leave Sahel to stay fit .

#Paradise Fit Zone is officially opened this Friday at Marassi North Coast. If your beach bum self doesn’t know what to expect at a premium fitness center at Sahel, here are some thoughts that might go through your head.

1. Thank goodness this is here!


You had gotten completely sucked into the cycle of staying up late and sleeping in later and needed to break out of it! Paradise Fit Zone provided just enough motivation to get off the beach towel and actually burn some calories and not just skin this summer.

2. How can I choose?


One look at the long list of classes available leaves you more overwhelmed than when you’re trying to choose a coffee flavor at a fancy coffee shop. There’s HEAT, Fitness Bootcamp, Stretching and Mobility, Core Control, Zumba, Jumping Fitness, and the list goes on.

3. I can’t wait to try jumping fitness

PicMonkey Collage

Let’s be real, after watching what this is on YouTube you can’t wait to give it a shot for yourself. It’s an opportunity to literally jump back into your childhood and workout at the same time.

4. I hope I look cute, because everything is going to be Instagramed


You might become famous as well if the camera catches you working out and you got Instagramed on @ParadisJuice

5. That was so much fun!!!


And a good workout! And super entertaining! And you have to do it again!

6. I have to bring my friends to the next Jumping class


Seriously they have no idea what they are missing.

7. How are these classes free during the week?


You don’t know how they do it, but you’re not complaining. Free workout classes with professional trainers? Sign us up!

8. Is Pole Fit code for pole dancing?

pole dancing

You’ve been wondering it since you saw it on the schedule, but you won’t know until you try it…

9. Am I up for Fitness Bootcamp?

paradise 4

Will you hate yourself later or be glad you pushed yourself?

10. That’s so cute the kids can work out too

paradise 1

There’s an entire schedule and facilities just for those little kids to get their exercise too.

And finally  I can’t wait to see the next schedule on Monday!

Paradise Fitness Zone’s schedule is posted on their Facebook page every Monday.

For more information, follow them on Instagram: ParadiseJuice.