Ever since our very own Mohamed Salah joined Liverpool, he stole everyone’s hearts at Anfield (As if it’s something new). 

He has a huge fanbase, and he even has his own songs.

However, what really stuck with us are the friendships he made there. A very special one particularly stood out for us, and it’s the connection between him and Croatian defender Dejan Lovren.

So here are 7 times Mohamed Salah and Dejan Lovren were friendship goals!


1# Salah’s Golden Boot:

When our one and only Salah won the Premier League’s Golden Boot, Lovren was just as proud as we all were, and maybe more!

“Can I talk to you?”

“What’s your name?”


2# When Lovren drove Salah to the LFC awards and forced him to put on the seatbelt:

This might be the funniest of their stories on Instagram together.

But anyway, thank you Lovren for taking our boy to receive his awards and making sure he’s safe (even if you’re making fun of him), not too many would do it, right?

3# The Coffee interview:

According to their stories on Instagram, both Salah and Lovren have a coffee obsession. So, they literally did an interview to argue about it.

And their undying coffee obsession continues!


4# “Next President of Egypt”:

Lovren is no different than us, he too thinks Salah is the next Egyptian President!


5# They always tease each other:

Salah and Lovren literally argue all the time, even on Lovren’s birthday. Their love/hate relationship is always displayed to us, especially on Instagram.




6# When Lovren elbowed Ramos on the Champions League final:

Not too many people noticed this one, but Lovren revenged our golden boy, just minutes after Ramos injured him!

7# Salah’s first Instagram like EVER:

Seems like Salah isn’t too much into liking pictures on Instagram, but hey, at least his first like ever went to his best mate in Liverpool.