Every woman yearns to look the best she ever can, but when we start aging and expect to look 20 in our 40’s looking our “best” can be kind of difficult. We all know the ABC’S of beautiful skin, from using sunscreen, eating healthy to even turning to plastic surgery. These are 10 tips to looking younger with makeup tricks.


10 tips to looking younger:


Get Glossy:

One of the many things that lip glosses do is that they add to the lips  the fake camouflage that they are full and luscious, so why not replace your day to day lipstick with lip gloss? Go natural or use nude colours, you will definitely get that fresh youth lips look.

Fake the lashes:

As we grow older the most thing we begin to lose isour hair and our eye brows and lashes,they are always  the first victims. Treat yourself to a set of eyelashes but don’t go over board with them. The natural looking ones will give your lashes a boost and the hint of young eyes will shine through.

Become Concealed:

Crow feet or what we usually call “laughing lines” that appear around our eyes and mouth are the main worry on any woman’s mind. Since they are darker in colour than what our skin usually is, a concealer will fix that in seconds.

Ditch the Dark Side:

Dark lipstick always ages you, which is why many young women opt to go for dark colours to hide their young looking features when standing at thenight club’s door. As we get older these colours, such as, dark plum or deep reds should be the last thing we look at. Go for shades of rose or a hint of pink.

Curl them up:

As our eyelids get weaker, our eyelashes start to grow downwards, this is when the eye lash curler comes to the rescue. Holding it up for 30 seconds can give you endless hours of not only eyelashes support but also a hint of lift in your lids too.

Powder gets loose:

Caking up your face can be one of the very famous makeup crimes. It adds so many years to your complexion and your skin just looks wrong and unhealthy. Swap your foundation or compact powders with a loose one that you can use in moderation for a more youthful looking skin.

Start Blushing:

Blusher can be tricky especially when you are using a hue that does not compliment your features, or even worse your skin