Group Projects

Group projects! It is this time of the semester again, where you are super tired of the amount of due projects. You’re probably about to kill yourself for the amount of WhatsApp group messages that you receive daily. To lighten up your moods a little bit, we decided to list all the different types of group members that you could come across.

The Too Cool For Projects

This type is surprisingly the most popular. Many of us have come across people who think that they’re just too cool for school and they totally mean it. Well, out of all our experiences combined, it is safe to say that you need to walk as far as you possibly can from this person.

The Control Freak

We hate but love this kind of person, because even though they boss everyone around like puppets, they eventually get the job done.

The Know it All

This person knows everything there is about the course, and they’re just too arrogant to share this info with the rest of the team. They care about nothing but getting good grades.

The Flirt

All girls have come across at least one person who wants to join their group just to flirt and get a new girl for the season. Well, you guys are just too lame!

The Motivator

We need more of you! You know this person who is always overly optimistic and cheers everyone on; keep doing your amazing work because the world needs more of you. Believe it or not, motivation really helps.

The Procrastinator

This person might be one of the brightest, yet they have a time management issue. They deliver topnotch work, but they are not so skillful when it comes to deadlines. If you are one of those people who likes to get done with your work ASAP, then you might get a heart attack when dealing with one of these.

The Too Busy For Everyone

This person acts as if he is the President of the United States, because he is always busy. But come on, we have a life too you know! So step out of it.

The No Show

You might not even know what this person looks like because they can barely make it to any of the group meetings. Looking at the bright side, this person won’t be there to ruin your group project.

The Excuses Machine

This person is probably one of the most creative people you will ever meet, and not because of his project input. Every time you ask this person for their parts, they’ll always come up with a different excuse. Things as lame as ‘hawagbi warma‘.

The Fake Hero

Some people have the ability to just fake everything and look extremely great while doing it. Well, this person does absolutely nothing and might even understand nothing as well, but appears to be a Noble Prize winner. You are a FAKE!!