I don’t mean to brag but this generation is the Wahsh of all generations when it comes to life’s most scary events. We’ve been through swine flue, two revolutions, chicken flue and so much more. So believe me when I say that you can’t scare us easily.

Unless any of the below events happened, we are good to go!

#1: A Broken Screen

It is funny how other generations talk about the fear of having their hearts broken, did they try having their phone’s screen broken? Believe me, it hurts 100 times more than a heartbreak!

#2: A Dead battery

Of course, we are all scared of dying! But I am currently talking about a mobile’s battery dying.

#3: A Lonely Picture

You are scared of being alone, wait till you download a picture on Instagram and you only receive a few likes! Choose the proper time of downloading it, otherwise bear the consequences my friend!

#4: An ‘Online and Didn’t Reply’ Crisis

If your significant other is ignoring you, then it must be the end of time. They must be cheating on you!

#5: Wearing the Same Outfit as that Girl

Imagine yourself in a wedding and someone else is wearing the same exact dress, oh my GOD!!!! It is the end of the world!

#6: Having an Episode Spoilt

One of the worst things that could happen to a person is to have the ending of a series spoilt. Seriously? Why would anyone do this??

#7: To Not Be Compatible With Your Crush According to Zodiac Signs

It is now a must that every person starts by asking about their crush’s zodiac sign, to see whether they are compatible according to the stars or not. Being with an incompatible partner will bring mess to your life, so let the stars decide because probably they’re smarter than you are!

#8: Waking Up Before the Alarm Rings

We go to bed every single day hoping that we wouldn’t get up earlier than the alarm. Let’s all pray for this moment to never happen unless we set it to a wrong timing.

#9: An Independent Woman Scared of Cats/Dogs

“BTW being an independent woman has nothing to do with whether I am scared of cats or dogs,” said every independent woman alive.

#10: Commitment

This should come up top because literally, most people I know have a major fear of commitment that I am starting to think of it as a virus spreading!

Of course, there are lots of other more serious things scaring this generation, but we are bulletproof so no worries!