Whenever I go out with my friends, they keep complaining about how their significant other, crush or even a potential candidate is ignoring their texts. To be honest with you, it is pretty annoying to have someone ignore all your messages! But definitely, there is a reason behind it.

To let your overthinking brain stop for a while, we decided to provide you with the real reasons why he is ignoring you.

#1: He is Simply Busy

I don’t know why this might be a surprise to you, but yes it happens all the time. It is normal for a guy to be busy and hence, he won’t be able to text back or answer your calls.

#2: You Are a Pain in the A**

It is pretty normal to ignore you if you text him every 5 minutes. I don’t want to generalize, but guys are not into texting this much. So don’t bombard his phone with texts and then ask ‘why is he ignoring me?’ Because you are a pain in the a**!

#3: He Has a Life, So Should You

He lives outside of his phone and that is a cool thing. You should try it sometimes! This guy has a life and spends his time out with his friends, training at the gym, at work/school and doesn’t have time to text.

#4: He is Simply Not Interested

Why would you assume that he’d be interested in you just because you have a crush on him? Doesn’t he have the right to not like you? He’ll probably be sorry for it because you deserve the world.

#5: He is Mad at You

Did you do something lately that hurt his feelings or bothered him one way or another? Maybe it is that. Sometimes people avoid others when they are mad at them. I am not asking you to overthink every single detail of your lives for the past year and come up with a conclusion, just simply ask him.

#6: Cold Feet

Maybe he likes you and he is not mad at you, but he has been experiencing cold feet. When you’ve been single for a long time, committing becomes a bit hard for you, especially if it is with someone who is as great as you are *wink wink*. It is even more terrifying if he encountered drama queens in his previous relationships.

#7: You are Sending Him Mixed Signals

Here comes your stupid actions and your amazing naive self. You’ve been trying to act cool to the extent that he thinks that you are not interested. One day you are flirting with him and the other you just act as if you don’t know him at all. Of course, he is going to be mind-boggled.

#8: Playing Hard to Get AKA ‘Beyet2al’

This is the Egyptian smart way of making relationships more complicated because his dumb friends are just plain stupid and gave him this stupid piece of advice, he is now ignoring you.

#9: He is Playing Games

If he’s doing this along with other weird signs, then he is definitely not a keeper and playing games and you are the fool, my poor friend.

#10: He Fell Asleep

Let’s leave all those complicated reasons and focus on one simple silly reason that is very common, he is just sleeping. Yes he might be sleeping till 12 pm and he might be sleeping during the day and he might be sleeping at night. But if he is ignoring you 24/7, then this is hibernation my friend and he is just giving you excuses.

There might be other reasons for why he is ignoring you, but in order to save yourself the overthinking, why don’t you just ask him clearly with no drama involved?