One of the things that worries fresh graduates the most during their last summer vacation is not being able to secure a good job.

One reason might be the false belief that there aren’t enough jobs in the market for the number of students graduating. However, this is not the case.

Finding a job is not easy, but it is doable, only if you follow a smart plan. Here are tips and tricks on how to land a job easier than ever before:


  1. Update Your Resume and Make it Presentable

Recruiters and HR specialists give a lot of weight to presentable and well structured resumes, because they believe that your resume says a lot about you.  It is the initial means of communication between you and the employer, so try to make that first impression as best as you can.


  1. Create Accounts on Career Portals

There are lots of websites where you can apply for jobs, internships and competitions. Examples include LinkedIn, Cantalop and Wuzzuf. Create an account and upload your resume, highlighting your skills and activities. The next step is to follow your favourite employers, send them your resume and simply apply to their vacant positions.


  1. Join Jobs-related Facebook Groups and Pages

Facebook groups and pages post job vacancies of all disciplines and career levels all year long. Examples of these groups can be Career Advancers, Jobs 4 ever, and Take-Off Egypt.


  1. Use Your Connections Wisely

Your social network can be your door to many companies. Ask them about the companies you are interested in, the work environment, the interview process and the needed requirements. If possible, ask them to pass down your resume to the human resources department.

  1. Browse Your Favourite Companies’ Career Portal

Check your favourite companies’ websites, create accounts in the career section, subscribe to their career portal so that they would send you emails when there are vacancies in your area of study. Search for jobs in the function and country of your choice; all you need to do then is apply and wait for them to call you back.


  1. Prepare for the Interview

The interview process starts the second they call you to set an interview date. You first need to educate yourself about the company background and scope of work, read about their values, strategies for growth, products/services they provide. Try to find the interviewer on LinkedIn to know a little bit about them and their previous experiences. Ask people, who have been interviewed by the same company, about the common questions and the expectations of the interviewer. Don’t forget to prepare answers for the most common interview questions.


  1. Do Lots of Job Shadowing

Unlike what most people think, job shadowing is actually one way for you to land a job. It is you simply going to a company to shadow its employees; you take notes and they take notes of you as well. They look at how interactive you are, your willingness to learn, your interest in the company and whether you are a good candidate for the company or not. So even if you already graduated, apply for job shadowing opportunities and at least you’ll be able to get the chance to evaluate this company for future employment.


  1. Make Use of University Events and Career Fairs

These give you the chance to connect with people from different companies and different backgrounds. You’ll be able to talk with professionals working in the field of your interest. Be presentable, and try to prepare for a pitch, because guess what? They are also looking for people to hire.


  1. Go for Internships and Grad Programs

A job can also be in the form of an internship or a graduate program. It doesn’t need to carry the title of ‘job’. With internships you get a hint of how your future life would be like, and it also helps you add some experience to your CV. So when you apply to other jobs, you’d find lots of experience to talk about and you’d also show how committed you can be. In addition to this, internships are also one way into the company for future full time employment.


  1. Don’t Stop Applying

Getting rejected at this point of time is very normal, because there are lots of fresh graduates and only a limited number of vacant positions. Accept those rejections, and keep on applying. Remember that it only takes one position to be employed. So don’t take no for an answer and keep that positive attitude.


With patience and the right kind of research, landing a job can seem like a less daunting task.