When we think of this phrase, ‘making a difference’, we usually contemplate heroic actions. Our minds roam to endless possibilities that mostly seem impossible, until we exhaust ourselves into the complacency of our ever demanding lives. However, we can make a difference in the simplest possible ways, just as we go on with our hectic lives. Here is how…

1-Show up for what matters, to you

Life bombards us with so many things; responsibilities, conflicts and challenges, but it’s always important to show up for what matters most. Pour your energy into what adds value to your life and do not get dragged into the unnecessary. And when you lead a life of value, you are more useful to yourself and others.

2-Make room for joy

There are so many things in life that can bring us down and stress us out. This doesn’t mean we don’t savour every moment of joy possible. No matter what you are going through, never feel guilty to laugh, to dance, to enjoy the rays of the sun or the breeze of the sea. Whatever brings you joy reach out for it, with hunger. Joy is contagious and by harbouring it, not only do you heal but you also spread it to those around you.

3-Manage your thoughts

Our thoughts are a powerful weapon, positive ones can uplift us and negative ones bring us down. Give in to positive thoughts and when negative ones seep in, remind yourself it is just a thought and keep it in that realm to avoid its toxicity. Thoughts dictate our behaviour, positive ones mean a positive attitude and negative ones result in toxic behaviour – and this impacts the environment and the people around us.

4-Nurture self-love

There is no better place to act from than a place of love. And self-love is the source of every love in one’s life. When you nurture self-love, you are comfortable in your own skin and as a result you open up to others, with love and positivity – your energy becomes uplifting in ways you can never explain. There are many ways to nurture self-love; these include mirror work, exercise, self-care, and healthy choices – all these are messages of love to one’s self.

5-Have a habit of gratitude

Gratitude and appreciation are intertwined. The practice of gratitude feeds on a consistent ability to see the good in others. When you constantly see ‘good’ in others you are happy; and when you express it to them you make them feel appreciated and happy too.

6-Make sure your choices are reflecting your growth not your fears

Life needs thrill, risk and challenges – that’s how we can embark on journeys to grow. Fear results in stagnation and stifles any possibility of going forward in life. But that’s not the only problem, when fear dictates our choices we hold back from others and possibly hurt them; but as we open up to possibilities of growth we embrace more people into our lives. And it’s with others and through our interaction with others, that we grow most.

7-Put your humanity before your belief system

As we go on in life we interact with people very different from us, in good and bad ways. Difference is not the problem but judgmental attitude towards differences is. Judgment keeps one confined to a limited place of perception and builds walls between human beings. Deal with others as humans first and foremost. Even if you think they are wrong, choosing to put your humanity above all will make room for compassion- and compassion makes the other person feel accepted and may help them heal in ways you’ve never expected.

8-Be beautiful, on the rainy day more than the sunny ones

All of us will face events in life that can bring us down significantly, but as we deal with our battles we need to remember to keep on living and celebrating all that is good about our lives. Embrace what you have of health, beauty, wealth and wisdom – and share it with the world around you. Be resilient in your darkest moments. Cry all night if you need to, but show up for life the next morning in your best possible form. Nothing can be more inspirational than a passion for life especially as it hits us hard.

9-Strip down to your truth

We all have weaknesses and fears but most of us bear them with shame. The reality is that there is nothing more inspiring and more truly human than our vulnerable sides. Exposing our vulnerabilities to the world is an ultimate sign of strength that connects us most to others and inspires them to embrace their imperfections without shame.

10-Be a story worth telling

You don’t need heroic deeds to make a difference; the simplest gestures can move mountains and bring down walls. Remember we are emotional beings, longing for real connections. Start today, with yourself. Become a better you, choose a life of value, love and responsibility. Go on in life with passion, compassion, grace and kindness and you shall touch lives around you in ways you never knew were possible.


“Joy is contagious & by harbouring it, not only do you heal but you also spread it to those around you.”