Ever heard the expression “Actions speak louder than words”? Well, there could be no truer statement! We often fail in keeping the promises we make and living up to the words we say we mean. So instead of talking the talk, this year, let’s opt for walking the walk.

These 10 ways could prove to someone you love them without ever saying much.


1. Trust Them With Your Secrets 

When you’re alone, take off the mask you wear with the rest of the world. Let down your guard and trust them with your secrets (if your gut tells you they’re trustworthy, of course). Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship or friendship and if there’s no trust between two people, then there’s no love. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side to them because if they really love you, they will love you even more for it!

2. Be Their Confidant 

Be their secret keeper, the person whom they like to share their deepest thoughts and secrets with! Work on gaining their trust and once you gain it, do your absolute best not to ever break it.

3. Stand Up For Them When They’re Not There 

Watch out for their best interest even if they won’t know about it. Don’t defend them because they are right next to you. Defend them the most when they’re not around! We all want to know that if we’re not there, that someone will act as our voice and will have our back.

4. Be Up To Date With Their Life 

If you take the time to really listen when they ramble on, you will effortlessly be able to constantly check up on what’s going on in their life. If they’re anxious about an upcoming meeting/test/interview, don’t wait until they open up to you about the subject. Ask them about their feelings and if there’s anything you can do to help. You are not obliged to offer advice (unless they ask, of course), because an open ear is more than enough.

5. Be The Place Where They Can Be Themselves 

Some of us fake most of our interactions because we don’t always feel safe being exactly who we are in front of everyone. We all have our quirks, warts and weird personality aspects, so allow your partner to candidly be themselves around you. Embrace their idiosyncrasies and get weird with them because after all, it’s no fun being weird all alone!

6. Be Their Friend First

Friendship is the basis of any healthy relationship. If you’re mad at them, consider what you would say to them as a friend before you lash out. Sometimes because we’re right in the middle, we fail to see the issue from a different perspective. So before saying all the wrong things and making harsh judgements, go easy on them and be a friend.

7. Help Them (Even if they don’t ask for it) 

Whether it’s helping them study for a test, with work or write a paper, just try and take some of the load off of their plate. We all need help sometimes, but not all of us will ask for it. Our pride sometimes gets in the way of asking for help, so even if they don’t ask for it, help them anyway. They will be surprised and your justification for doing it will be just because, and no need for thanks.

8. Show Them You Know Them

Go ahead and shock the socks off of them by surprising them at how much you know them. Tag them in posts you know they will like. Share relevant articles with them because you know for a fact it will interest them. Buy them their favorite chocolate. If they say they want to stay home today, pick them up anyway because you know they’d rather go out! The key to doing all of this is to pay full-on and undivided attention to all they say and do.

9. Take Their Opinions Into Consideration

We all like to know that our opinions are valid and valued especially by the people we love. When someone asks for your opinion, you feel appreciated because it’s nice to know that your opinion matters to them.

10. Buy Them Little Tokens

I’m trying to make this list as non materialistic as possible, so I’m not suggesting you shower them with presents! Instead, buy them little gifts that indicate they’re on your mind. If you’re passing by a store and find something that reminds you of them, even it’s as silly as a coaster, get it for them! “I saw this and thought of you”, is one of the most heart-warming sentences ever, because it shows how much a person thinks about you. And if it’s something specific that you know they would want or need, all the better.


And just because we haven’t been backing up our words with actions doesn’t mean we don’t care. Nevertheless, let’s make all what we say, even if it’s little, go hand in hand with our actions. Words alone are empty and pointless.